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This is the dawning of the Age of Helpfulness where political campaigns are urged to be Responsive to their supporters and understand that candidates need voters not just donors to win. Voters helping voters in unity will win the day and save the planet.


Strategic Planning Defined


Google Search Write to our Campaign

Google Search Write+to+our+Campaign

Josh Shapiro for PA Govenor

Shapiro Private Facebook Group

I love this group! But it has one drawback, it's got a lot of messages and most of them aren't for ME. What about having an email address for people to ask questions or make suggestions? The incoming emails could be sorted by team members and forwarded to specific volunteers who are interested enough to learn how Josh feels about specific issues so they can pass detailed RESPONSES to the initiating email writer. With enough volunteers, this process could even do research or find someone to do research so that people who use this email tool can come to expect personal service and feel confident that their interests are addressed as best as possible. The responding volunteer could even become an email writer's specific POINT of CONTACT to the campaign. This method would give potential voters a feeling of personal connection to the campaign and to Josh himself. With a system like this, everyone can participate in the campaign through email as well as through this GROUP, and the emails they would receive WOULD be for each person's "ME."

Gavin LichtensteinAdmin Hey Stanley, this is a good idea!! We want to encourage conversation about Josh, while also giving people opportunities to get involved through volunteer events. I’m your point of contact so please reach out anytime that you have any questions or need extra help so we can give you the info you need.

Gavin Lichtenstein The next step is to find out if the process I'm describing has enough support within the campaign and from Josh himself. It would be important to hold further conversation to allow me to feel that my idea might be implemented at some level. With some level of assurance that I'm being received well (and Thank YOU for your interest) I would be pleased to spend time working out specific details on how to build this process into the campaign.


Stanley R. PokrasAuthor For one thing, I call the range of ideas like my email thing and THIS Facebook group to be part of a "Responsive Campaign." This Facebook group is wonderful and should be integrated into a set of opportunities for the pubic to engage with the campaign. Technology today offers gobs of potential ways to give people the confidence they need to actually VOTE. By working on various ways to make the campaign "Responsive" we can blow the competition out of the water, so to speak.


Stanley R. PokrasAuthor I have been thinking about ideas for group communication without in-person meetings for over 50 years. I currently publish where we catalog what I call "Digital Philadelphia." If you'd like, call me to set up a time to Zoom to explore ways to implement additional elements for Josh's Responsive Campaign. You can reach me at 267-968-0407


The Beto email volunteers

Thanks for reaching out! Anyone is welcome to email to share their thoughts, suggestions, or questions. This inbox is monitored by Beto for Texas volunteers. We always love hearing from supporters!

Our Beto for Texas volunteer team currently uses Slack to communicate. We'd love to have you join us! You can sign up to join Slack here. This is a great way to communicate with other volunteers and hear about volunteer opportunities with the campaign.

Hope you can join us!


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-- Jamie Beto for Texas {#HS:1944095079-153040#} On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 8:45 PM UTC, Stan Pokras <> wrote: Beto, Dear Candidate and supporters of democracy.

Here's a new way to help people feel like voting for your Campaign.

Establish an email address and let people write their questions and suggestions to it.

Have someone direct traffic sent to that email address.

The messages should be forwarded to staff or volunteers who know how to reply and establish the campaign's relationship to the emailer.

Some of the emailers might be recruited to be part of that volunteer team.

By making your campaign interactive and responsive to the public, you'll generate more voters.

Voters, not just donors are the key to win an election.

Generate excitement for your campaign by being responsive!

You can also establish a private Facebook group for your supporters.

Josh Shapiro here In Pennylvania has a private Facebook group for his campaign. LOTS of people have joined it.

Stan Pokras 267-968-0407

On Jul 8, 2022, at 11:32 AM, Beto for Texas <> wrote:

Beto O'Rourke


Greg Abbott's campaign announced a NEW $8.8 million TV ad push last month.This comes after Abbott's advisers pledged to spend $100,000,000 attacking Beto. We need your help to fight back with so much on the line right now.

Will you rush a $20 contribution to help us reach our fundraising goals so we can compete with Abbott's ad spending? While Abbott has corporate mega-donors, we have thousands of folks chipping in what they can afford. But we need your help if we're going to hit our goals in time.

Contribute $20

Reaching our fundraising goals will ensure we have the resources to reach voters across the state. That includes running our own TV ads that highlight Beto's positive vision for Texas and share the truth about Abbott's extreme agenda.

The stakes couldn't be higher after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, allowing Greg Abbott's trigger law to outlaw abortion at any point with no exception for rape or incest.

Our only way to overcome this is to elect Beto as the next governor of Texas. We have to get really serious about political power and what it's going to take to win this race. When it comes down to it, we know that we have the grassroots organizing power to win, but we can't afford a blowout on the money side.

Abbott is going to spend tens of millions of dollars on top of this huge $8.8 million ad buy, and we need your help to make sure that we have the resources to fight back.

Reproductive freedom is on the line and every dollar you contribute will help elect a pro-choice governor in Texas. Can Beto count on you to donate right now?

Please make another $20 contribution right now to help us counter Abbott's $8.8 million ad buy and get our own ads on the air.

Thank you for your support,

Team Beto


Email us:

This email was sent to Grassroots supporters like you keep us going. To contribute via check, please address to Beto for Texas, PO Box 302647, Austin, TX 78703.

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The Bulletproof Glass

Want More Voters??? Why are you running your campaign like a Chinese take-out with bulletproof glass keeping your voters from loving you? There is a better way to build the voter base, Your campaign needs VOTERS more than donors! Write me to find out how to inexpensively motivate voters even if they aren't donors!

Participatory Budgeting

Budgeting Main article: Participatory budgeting

Participatory budgeting is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which ordinary city residents decide how to allocate part of a municipal or public budget. Participatory budgeting is usually characterized by several basic design features: identification of spending priorities by community members, election of budget delegates to represent different communities, facilitation and technical assistance by public employees, local and higher level assemblies to deliberate and vote on spending priorities, and the implementation of local direct-impact community projects. Participatory budgeting may be used by towns and cities around the world, and has been widely publicised in Porto Alegre, Brazil, were the first full participatory budgeting process was developed starting in 1989.


Google: Showing results for how can a political campaign raise voter confidence?


Sinema for Arizona

Sinema for Arizona P.O. Box 7586 Phoenix, AZ 85011-7586

To contact our campaign, please email Thank you.


Email to Slugo

Dear Harvey Sluggo

I have a burning need to attend your MONDAY Call.

Jim Garrison said that he introduced me to you by email yesterday morning.

You attended the “AfterChat” that I host after each Humanity Rising episode and you said that I should write to you.

I have an idea to make political candidates more RESPONSIVE.

I will do this by getting MILLIONS of signatures on a petition.

The petition will say that these millions of signers want all the candidates to include a responsive email address in all their appeals and materials. Then to answer the messages that come in, the campaigns will employ thousands of volunteers to handle the messages. The volunteers will respond with the candidate’s approved intention in one-on-one interactions with the persons who wrote the original emails.

When there are not sufficient volunteers to handle all the messages, the writers of the messages will be recruited into the Response team.

Please send me an invitation to your Call on Monday!

I will need your people and the people they know all over the nation to sign the petition… And their contacts will promote the signing of this petition and tell their people, too.

With millions of signatures, the political campaigns will get the message that they need to respond to the public - or their opponents will.

Stan Pokras, Publisher, 267-968-0407


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Shannon’s take on my first note

Responsive Political Campaigns

Political campaigns need VOTERS, though it's money they usually ask us for.

You can help the candidates of your choice by signing this petition.

With this petition we are asking ALL political candidates to add an email address to all of their solicitations and promotional materials.

The email address will help campaigns be responsive to potential voters.

It is proposed that staff and volunteers sort and assign messages to the appropriate level of expertise.  The person replying will engage with the voter and offer further assistance. The candidate will be made aware of trends, specific suggestions and stand-out communicators.

Page 41

Campaigns need to be responsive to let their supporters believe in them if you want millions of people to vote, you need to engage thousands of them in conversation,

Engagement is a new key to political solidarity. We can’t just say that our goals are in synch. We have to engage each other in conversation in support of our goals. Marching in the streets is not enough!

Page 42

Campaigns need to be responsive to the feelings of the people!

Don’t just ask for money… Give people avenues for participation. Include an email address for questions, comments and suggestions in every appeal and engage the most passionate supporters in conversation with the people who write to the campaign.

New idea… There are millions of potential voters that are not being engaged in supporting political campaigns because the campaigns are only looking for money. Money may be used encourage voter participation, but money is not as important as voters when it comes to winning elections.

Page 43

Build up the numbers of supporters from hundreds to thousands to millions by giving the people permission to become engaged.

Give us opportunities to interact with each other and we will build our own tools for mass engagement.

Fuck the TV ads! We need to talk to each other to build real solidarity.

Page 44

Let’s unleash the Global Mind!!!

But we have to save democracy in the U.S. or all global efforts will be drowned outby the Right’s plan to tear the Left into little pieces all fighting for their own existence.

Page 45

Hey politicians, if you want to get elected, you need voters, not just donors.

Page 46

Why are you running your campaigns like fast food take-outs where the campaign is hiding behind bulletproof glass when you need to build relations like a friendly neighborhood bar?

Page 47

Responsive Politicians Care!

The Responsive Political Campaign

Political campaigns are stuck in a rut. They think the only thing they need to win is money when what they really need is voters.

You can help the candidates of your choice by signing this petition.

This petition asks all candidates to be responsive to their potential voters, and YOU can help.

By signing this petition, you are asking political campaigns to ask their public to ask their questions and make useful suggestions by including a response email address in all campaign appeals and materials.

Page 48

Candidates need to hear from their public. They need to hear what it is that YOU and everyone wants, needs or believes is important.

By Establishing an opportunity for people to volunteer from home to respond to questions from the public, the candidate will be offering to respond to the needs of “We the People.”

Yes, this can be messy but it will be an additional way for candidates to express what they can do for us!

We as voters need to hear what is in it for Me? And how can I help even if I can’t send more money? And what can I do from home using my computer?

Page 49

Life is getting more complicated and what would the candidate do for you in your specific situation?

You should be able to ask all the candidates all the specific detailed questions that pertain to your life and that of your community. But under the current methods for running campaigns, these things aren’t very likely to generate a response.

Page 50

By signing this petition, you are asking all candidates at all levels from all the political parties to include a contact email address in all their solicitations and campaign materials backed up by a sufficient number of staff and volunteers to ensure that all sincere voters get the responses they deserve.

Sign this petition if you want the politicians to be responsive to their potential voters.

Things might be better in this country if all political campaigns were responsive to the public. We the people deserve nothing less.

It’s not just donors that matter. It’s voters that count in all elections and campaigns can build trust in the public by responding to individual emails that can turn a non-voter into a voter.

What if having a team of email responding volunteers can produce a 5% increase in vote tally for your candidate on election day?

Page 51

This petition asks all voters to ask all political candidates to run responsive campaigns by organizing lots of volunteers to read and reply to individual emails.

Page 52

The volunteers will answer and respond to questions and suggestions by passing inquiries up and down the campaign hierarchy to be sure that the responses they provide reflect the candidate’s beliefs, convictions, positions, opinions and promises.

This petition is egalitarian and non-partisan.

This petition supports opening a doorway to a new way to communicate with voters by listening to them.

Page 53

This petition is to demonstrate the signer’s opinion that any and all candidates should develop a team of volunteers who are responding to email inquiries by representing the candidate’s views with each response they provide.

The petition urges more people to sign the petition.

Page 54

Do you like it when your leaders ignore you? When all they can say is “send money?”

What about answering a query or listening to a suggestion?



Which is more important voters or donors?

The fact is that winning elections is accomplished by having more votes not just by having more money. Money is useful. But it's not what gets a candidate elected. Voters and their actual votes is what counts. By running Responsive campaigns, candidates demonstrate their intent to satisfy voter concerns.


The Petition

Political Candidates Are Asked To Be Responsive by Email Using a Team of Volunteers


Political Participation

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Estimating Return on Campaign Expenses

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