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Warrior Goddess Training

My first name is HeatherAsh; a combo of my birth name, Heather, and my nickname for many years, Ash. Ash came along when I first starting facilitating fire walks, and reminds me of the energy of the phoenix rising from the ashes, and the power all of us have to transform from the inside out. I prefer to be called HeatherAsh, though if that is too much of a mouthful you can call me Ash, as some of my closest friends do. Blessings!


Participation on Humanity Rising

Day004 Courage And Compassion In Collaboration : Creating Resilient, Creative And Diverse Circles Of Change
Day 648 Wed 3/8/23 Celebrating Women Activists on International Women’s Day
Day 659 Thu 3/23/23 Ceremony, sacred spaces, and wisdom from Teotihuacan, Mexico
Day 676 Fri 4/14/23 Join our Pilgrimage to Chartres July 2 - 8: Experience Waves of Love from the Music of the Spheres
Day 711 Fri 6/2/23 Warrior Women Wisdom
Day 828 Mon 1/8/24 Starting 2024: Looking forward to the Summer Solstice in Light of Kogi Prophecy
Day 879 Tue 3/19/24 Kogi Prophecy and the Pilgrimage to Teotihuacan I