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This work has now moved to Talk page of List of Day pages

Other Julie Wiki Notes

How to Make an Internal Back to TOP Link

  • Update 1/24/21 [[#top]] goes to actual top without needing headers or #anchors
  • See Template:TBL
  • If you use this: [[#Section Name| TOP]] the TOP link jumps up the page faster.
  • Using an internal # anchor link, lets it jump up the page without opening in a new tab and reloading the page.
  • # is created with headers as an internal anchor text link. See any Table of Contents links.
  • Note the space works fine in a Section Name.
  • 1/2/2021 I (JW) fixed the Day Page S-Templates and the 3 "List-of" pages so TOP jumps to the top of the page as follows:
    • by placing [[#.| TOP]] at the bottom, and = . = near the top of the page.
  • The = . = used to be used for Video-Chat table Navigation link. So I replaced = . = with = - = (a dash) which I am now using for Video-Chat in Navigation Row.
  • On the 3 "List-of" pages I fixed TOP Links as follows:
    • by placing [[#May_2020_-_Days_001_to_010|| TOP]] to replace all TOP links, its fixed because = May_2020_-_Days_001_to_010 = is the header near the top of the page.

Stan improved :

    • [[#Top Links| Top Links]] & [[#TOC| TOC]] & [[#Cats| Cats]] ; Cat for Categories are Links to Bottom. Thanks Stan!
    • Top & Bottom sections can use these codes:
      • == Top Links == :[[#Cats| GoTo Bottom]] {{HRBackTo}} __TOC__
      • = Cats = :[[#Top Links| GoTo Top Links]]
      • Or throughout page: [[#Top Links| GoTo Top]]

Julie made TopBottom Links Template:

How to Make a Day Page

  1. Make New Day page from List of Day Pages, by clicking the red hyperlinked words. - Start by clicking here: List of Day Pages.
  2. In Edit source, add S-Template (subst:S-HRDay) in double squigglies to new Day page, then save.
  3. Use the Table at the Top to open other pages needed to fill in the page (Week, 10Day, Chats, etc).
  4. In Edit source, delete the (HRBackTo) in double squigglies at the top (optional). Keep bottom one in Links Section.
NOTE: Does not matter if Day Pages made by the 3 of us are different, as it evolves.

How to make Chat page - Malini knows already:

  1. Add these Templates to the new chat pages:
    1. (subst:S-HRChat) in squiggle brackets
    2. (subst:S-AfterChat) in squiggle brackets
  2. Finish the 2 Chats (Malini or Stan pasting nice format)
    1. HRChat and
    2. AfterChat
  3. Check page links, proof read and you are done!

New HR Resource Page

Malini's New HR Resource Page

  • Its clean. Only 3 sections:
  1. The 10 Day Table-Pages
  2. The Week Table-Pages
  3. HR Partners page
  • what else do we need?

List of Pages

List of Day Pages

Lists of Chat Pages:

Naming Conventions

New Tool - List of Pages

Once we have decided the new pages naming conventions, (or need to make a mass change), I made a spreadsheet to access a list of Pages & Topics, (Day and Chat Pages) to easily change them for all HRDays/Rows on the 'List of Pages' pages.

  • Page Names Tool (a spreadsheet): I populated the List pages for perfectly consistent Name Convention form - from this Google Sheet here.

Day Page Names

Update 12/6/2020 - Meeting with Stan and Malini:

  • We are close to finalizing Day page Design; see Testing Day Page Design (temporarily on Template:S-HRDay). And also the Name...
Close to finalizing Day page Name and URL.
  • Keep in mind, Malini has already made many Chat Pages with links back to Day page (before we knew the Day Page naming)
  • As we consider Stan's shortcut ideas in choosing Day Page names to fix issues with Chat pages created, note that ...
  • Malini pointed out the Templates for the 2 different Chat page types - are different - so look at the source code to find ...
  • Has Link : *Back to (DayPageTitle| Humanity Rising Day81 Science as a Radical Collabrative Endeavor) in [[]] and
  • Has Link : *Back to (Humanity Rising Day 078) in [[]]
  1. After Chat: 'DayPageTitle' in the url/naming convention maybe?
  2. HR Chat: 'Humanity Rising Day 078' in the url/naming convention maybe?

Day page Names we have considered

  • HR!Day000 : 12/10/2020 Stan likes and is close to choosing this! Title will be a header and visable on the List of Day pages still, url will be very short.
  • Day000 Title :
  • Pros: Malini relied on the HR Topic in the title in making chat page. May be useful in making Day pages.
  • Cons: Russ & Stan have convinced Julie the Title will be found in the body header and not needed in the url. Can still have title on List of Pages page for us to copy and paste or refer to.
  • Day-000 ---> Using 001 format would list numerically vs 1, 10, 100 (effects 1-99)
  • HRDay000
  • Day000HR ---> matches HR chat page names
    • 11/18/20 Stan & I started to think about how clicking 'Category-Is HR Day' would list in order nicely.
Idea From Russ: Have the date in the body of the page will show in search results. I'll add dates to Templates. See Date-Style tests on this page.
Stan's Advise - One word Day_ - no space so the # is not alone, search results would be better, not include every page with just the number.

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Chat Page Names:

  1. Day000HRChat
  2. Day000HRAfterChat
  • Note: Searching by date or HRDay# or presenter name or topic keywords...
  • As the Chat Pages will be named something like 'Day083', I am thinking Day pages can be similar.
  • If we add the date to the Chat page title, we do need it in the title of a Day page. With the Date in the page body (Template), its not needed in the Title of either kind of chat page.
  • Stan told me today 11/21/10 that naming pages Day# like oneword, would give search results better, not having the # separate. Stan approved Chats be on their own pages. Still designing them 11/19/20

HR Chat Pages

  • To create Chat page, add S-Template. Then fill in the Dates, Topic, Presenters & Chat page links.
  • The List of HR Chat Pages Here, is an easy way to make new pages with correct names.
  • Dates are not in the page titles, and are in the page body.
  • Dates have to be consistent so I made a GoogleDoc here to copy and paste dates in a consistent format for pasting onto pages.
  • Here is a List of HR Chat Pages

After Chat Pages

  • AKA Chat People Chat pages; After Chat seemed shorter. (Malini and Stan approved).
  • Here is a List of After Chat Pages
  • Note: Dates have to be consistent so I made a GoogleDoc here to copy and paste dates in a consistent format for pasting onto pages.


Old Stuff Below... except Templates at the bottom can be useful still...

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Edit Existing Pages & Make New Pages

11/10/20: Malini and I Julie started this work - Phase 1

Phase 1 : Stan's Chat People Pages

On Chat People pages, Julie will do the 1st 8 pages until Day 103 and Malini will do the next 8 pages.

  1. We will add the Topic on the Day/Date line (why? for better search results and to see the topic in the Table of Contents at the top).See UPDATE: 11/12 below.
  2. In Source code, add this substitute-tag under the Day/Date line "subst:S-ChatPeopleDay" (in double squiggly brackets). It inserts template content (a form) into the page.
  3. Then move the Chats, Videos, Images and Other Resources already on these pages into the "Template" form (in that order, Chat, Video, etc)

UPDATE: 11/12 - Stan did not like the way it looked with headers like Video, Chats, Images, OtherResources. We broke Stan's email links. Topic can be put below date/Day line to fix the broken links in all the email sent out. However this still needs deciding on, Malini likes topic in the Table of Contents at the top.

Phase 2: New Pages

Make New Day Pages, a page for each day, with everything on it.

  1. First, finalize the Day Page design and Template:S-HRDay. (ToDo: Stan plz delete Template:HRChat. Stan has a "regular" template "HR Chat" for the block of day ranges).
  2. Decide with Stan & Malini & Julie how to Title Day Pages - See Idea 2: Day Pages below
  3. Create a new page with the topic - search the entire topic title and create page from search results.
  4. Template:S-HRDay will populate the new page with a form to fill in by pasting this substitute-tag (subst:S-HRDay) (in double squiggly brackets) on the Edit Source tab.
  5. We talked about making it cleaner looking like on Chat People pages. (idea: use a template or just paste source code from People pages, once done in Phase 1 ... have to try it).
  6. Try a search and see results from both our Phase 1 & 2 work.
  7. What else?

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Chat & Day Pages

Goal: Our goal is to add value and make everything searchable and more easily find-able. Task: Make Templates for these 2 types of Pages:

  • Day Pages - (Complete pages for an HR Day. Including after chat resources, Chats, Videos, Images, All Resources, etc).
  • Chat Pages - Only the Chat - 2 Types: HR and People chat.

Idea 1: Chat Only Pages

  • Create 1 or 2 templates for the Chats. They can be one template to use with either chat type (HR or ChatPeople), choosing which to use, deleting whats not needed. Or make 2 templates if that is more useful, one for each chat type.
  • The Chat Pages created from these templates, containing just the Chats from HR and ChatPeople, have only the chats (or mostly just the Chats). Now they will be searchable, findable on OtherNetworks.
  • ASk Stan : These Chat Only pages would be linked to on the [HR Chat People Pages] to replace the Chat links that go to (are hosted on) Community Magic now and are thus not find-able with a search on OtherNetworks.
  • Naming Chat Pages Protocol :
  • HR Day _ Zoom Chat
  • Chat People Day _ Zoom Chat
  • Chat Action Day _ Zoom Chat

Testing a HRChat Page > . That page has the entire HR Chat This page has only the chat. Plus:

  • a link to HR Resources,
  • a link to the complete Day Page,
  • the Topic and Presenters to identify you are in the right place.

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Idea 2: Day Pages

  • Create a Complete Humanity Rising Day Page for each Day.
- Made with a Template:S-HRDay.
- Titled with HR Topic (keywords). Example Page Title: HR130 Charles Eisenstein & Vandana Shiva US Presidential Election 2020 Consequences
- Pages with meta tags and Categories that match the topic
- They may or may not include 'HR' or 'Humanity Rising' in the title. I recommend we may not need the words 'Chat', nor 'Day' and maybe not even "Humanity Rising" just to shorten the page title for SEO value for people and machine search.
- These pages would include content from that day with links to both types of "chat" pages (see Idea 1 above) and links to the Humanity Rising Resource Page
  • This will also allow us to have a more complete set of resources on 1 page for/from HR and ChatPeople for access to not only searchable chats, but also videos and presenters/participants names, websites, books, videos, projects, etc offered. Perhaps even video transcripts (more keywords and categories).

All of this adds value that is not duplicating work and resources that can be found on Ubiverse site or YouTube video descriptions.

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Testing: Examples & Design

Chat Pages

Search Tests:

  1. Search 'Day 135'. Shows us that 'Day' is not needed in page name. Search results showed page 'HR 135' = Humanity Rising Day 135 =.
  2. Searching Nov 10th, did not find Day 135 nor November 10th. You have to search for the date format exactly. (See Date Formater). Add more date formats pm pages?
  3. ...

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Day Pages

Day 83 Example:

This is closer to being a complete Day Page, but may need redesigning to make it look simpler (See Phase 1, work we did on Stan's Chat People Pages).

  • Shorter Page Example-2
  • Without the full chat.
  • Just a link to the chat (page)
  • Explained: I created a Page using the old (1st draft) "HRChat" Template to make a page here for just the chat so the Day 83 page (see example) would not be so long, not have the chat, just have a link to it on the Day page.

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Dates Formats

  • What is the common way people search for a date?
  • Here is Wikipedia's answer
  • NOTE: Code can be used so many formats of dates can be found in search, IF its turned on.
  • It is not turned on or does not work as advertised.
  • Using <date></date> failed (code visible).
  • This (Date Formatter) can make sure all forms of dates searched are recognized.

Common Date Formats



    • Monday  01-Jun-20
    • 01-06-2020
    • 1-6-2020
    • 1/6/2020
    • 6/1/2020 (USA)

    • See also Naming Conventions for Templates here


Template Names

Malini suggested naming Templates like this...

  • HRD - HR DAY
  • HRZC - HR Zoom Chat
  • CPD - Chat People Day
  • CPC - Chat People Zoom Chat
  • CAD - Chat action Day
  • CAC - Chat Action Zoom Chat

Template Types - Naming Convention

  • Use the regular Template:Name for naming/creating templates which should not be edited within the page, such as those which migrate to everyplace they are used, i.e. regular Templates. Like Stan's block of Day-Range-Links; for example Template:HR Chat with tag (Name) (in double squiggly brackets)
  • Use Template:S_Name for naming/creating Templates that substitute the tag (subst:S-"Name") (in double squiggly brackets) in the page, and are removed, replacing the tag with the template contents; for example subst:S-HRChat . This allows you to edit the page content without editing the template.
Note: A substitute template inserts content into a page which can then be edited. Once the page where its used is saved, this tag is (substituted with template content) and removed from the page source code.

Categories in Templates

Ask Stan about what Categories go in the Templates for Day and Chat Pages.

I see on browse Category page under Is:

  • Category:Is-HR Chat‎
  • Category:Is-HR Day‎
  • Category:Is-Humanity Rising Episode‎
  • Category:Is-HR Chat People Week‎

Will there be any others?:

  • Category:Is-HR After Chat
  • Category:Is-Chat People Chat
  • Category:Is-HR Videos
  • Category:Is-HR Recordings
  • or any others?

List of Existing Templates with Descriptions/Uses

  • Note: Template:S-HRDay is temporarily being used as a place the team can use to make 900 series HR Day Pages to Test 3 different Day page designs (S-Templates). Once we lock in a design, the Template:S-HRDay page's source code will be replaced with the final design. (Test Template 1 was the original content of this Template. We are leaning toward Test-2 or 3 instead.)


  • "Template:S-ChatPeopleDay" for Phase 1 (see above), a substitute-tag to insert the design/outline for the Chat People Pages List of Links, to fill in bulleted links.
  • "Template:HRChat". I need to ask Stan how to delete "Template:HRChat".
  • Note "HRchat" won't work - its case sensitive)
  • Malini & Julie Wonder about creating a chat only 'ChatAction' chat Template:S-ChatACTIONChat for a possible CA CHAT Page.
  • "Template:S-SampleZoomMeetingOutline" compares and gives options for Bold, Headers, Unformated. Delete what you dont want - use what you prefer. Maybe useless?
  • "Template:ChatPeopleDay" - I need to ask Stan how to delete this - rebuilt as an S-Name page.

  • "Template:HR Chat" - Stan's. A Regulate Template (vs the above Substitute Templates). It is inserted into H R Resource Page at top - block of Day-Range-Links. Stan edits this template to add more HR Days. Adding "HR Chat" (in double squiggly brackets) into a page inserts the Block of Days. This template tag remains in the source code of the page its used in. Its a regular Template:Name.

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