HR!Day519 - New and Ancient Healing Modalities For A World In Crisis I: Psychedelics for Therapy

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Day 519 Wed 7/13/22 New and Ancient Healing Modalities For A World In Crisis I: Psychedelics for Therapy

--- Humanity Rising Day 519 - Wednesdy July 13, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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This is the first of a three part program on the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

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As part of its ongoing commitment to explore the systemic issues of our time and present possible solutions as well as strategies, Humanity Rising is launching a new multiple part series July 13-1.  

These three days of programming will represent the first of a number programs that will bring together leading authors, researchers publishers, healers from various traditions and some extraordinary people who are hard at work on the ground around the world testing new and emerging psychedelic research and methodologies, ancient plant-based medicines and herbs and a host of other healing modalities and knowledge to support a time of unprecedented change for a world in crisis.

Join us Wednesday the 13th – Through Friday the 15th , 8:00 AM Pacific Time through 9:30 PST for the live zoom and to watch live on Facebook and YouTube li and in replay for this journey that can change people’s minds, open their hearts and give them hope for new therapies and new paths forward to heal the wounds of war and also the wounds of life in a time unlike any before it. You can also see replays on


The series will be co-hosted by George Cappannelli.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

70 Participants ---

To make a voluntary contribution to support the partner organizations and the Humanity Rising team, please see our contribution form.

Each Zoom live webinar will have a maximum capacity of 500 participants. If you are not able to join on Zoom, we will be live streaming here on the UbiVerse and on:

UU YouTube: ::

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