Utopianism Financed With Negative Interest Loans

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Utopianism Saves The World

Utopianism financed with negative interest loans to remunerate custom jobs, subsidize wage inflation, refinance debt, boost human resources, adjust capitalism for the future of work, adapt capitalism for future of work, support gene therapy efforts through the production of regional variant mRNA vaccine production facilities, establish ideological goals for humanity worthy of the 21st century and beyond as well as finally providing a platform to fix the root causes of most of humanity's problems.

Negative Interest Loan Funded Utopianism World-Saving Socio-Economic Development. Cultivating the population. Offering the population custom jobs funded by negative interest loans. Negative interest loan subsidized wage adjustment as well as negative interest loan subsidized inflation mitigation. Refinancing individual (personal), corporate (business, charity) and national (federal, provincial, state, ..., and municipal) debts through loans with negative interest.

Research, development, innovation, implementation, integration, indoctrination and ideation on the human condition while I test advanced medical biotechnology I''ve developed with the Holy Ghost during my ongoing custom studies in omniology, omniosophy and omnimatics focused on human and artificial intelligence along pharmaceutical grade nutrition for physical health and mental clarity have allowed me to go beyond a standard.

JYSKE bank in Denmark, has negative interest mortgages at around 80K$ for the public. Central European Bank issued 1.3 trillion euros in negative interest loans @ -1% to banks. Science is at risk. Mistake of dismissing technological potential due to limited resources. accomplish these goals through negative interest loans as there is insufficient funding available through private and public finances.

Before the automation of our economy goes any further. Ideological goal ultimate way of thinking of making the world a better place rendering the world as the best place where we have the technology and systems to be happy and free indefinitely with negative interest loan funded democratic ultrainternationalistic totalitarian utopianism oriented systems for immortality, freedom and euphoria.


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Utopian Studies, Utopias, Becoming Utopian, Utopian Communities, Freedom, Immortality, Transhumanism, Utopianism, Ultimacy, Save The World, Euphoria, Future Of Work, Unity, Diversity, Equality, Ideas, Hope, Faith, Love, Technology, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Futurism

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