Universal Foundation for Holistic Design (UFHD)

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UFHD is a non-profit organization that uses Holistic Design to (re)structure societal systems for the prosperity, cooperation, and equal consideration of all living things and their environments.

  • To co-create our future in a society built on regenerative systems, we focus on harmonizing within and between the personal, interpersonal, and societal spheres.
  • Through cultivating a deep awareness of the four internal ecosystems, the blueprints for health, harmony, and regeneration become the foundation for action.
  • The inter-action with this knowledge leads to the wisdom that enables communities to organize within the existing harmony of natural systems.
  • When the laws of nature and Principles of Holistic Design are understood and experienced, one only has to be who they authentically are in order for the systems they build to be made in the image of their creator.


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