Strategic Planning Defined

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+     Strategic Planning Defined

  A Vision is usually a written “Vision Statement.” It provides overall guidance for a project. It lays out the desired best results.

-          A Mission is a broad area of interest requiring change, potentially expressed as a Mission Statement (see below.) The Mission is derived from the Vision and describes what should happen to achieve the Vision.

-          A Goal is a desired target, plateau or intermediate state that is to be achieved in serving a mission.

-          An Objective is a plateau or stage defining some level of attainment towards a goal.

-          A Resource is a) some physical thing, b) someone’s skill, or c) a service that may be brought to bear to attain an objective or goal, or to serve a mission.

-          An Opportunity is a situation in which it is possible to attain an objective or a goal or to serve a mission. An opportunity may exist because of the availability of one or more particular resources.

-          An Obstacle is a situation that may hinder or prevent attainment of a goal, or objective or obstruct the service of a mission.

-          A Strategy is a “way” to accomplish or service a mission, goal or objective describing how to overcome obstacles, utilize resources, or take advantage of opportunities. Usually stated as a broad concept, a strategy may incorporate, introduce, or summarize any number of sub-goals and/or sub-objectives, each potentially incorporating their own strategies, resources, or opportunities and facing their own obstacles. Any mission, goal or objective may have one or more strategies applied towards its achievement or in its service.

-          A Mission Statement may include the current status, the desired goals, the obstacles to be overcome, and the kinds of resources and strategies to be used to achieve a desired change.

-          A Strategic Plan is usually a written document designed to communicate, define and coordinate activities, practices, and procedures among a group or groups of people. Strategic Plans often incorporate a set of variables including mission, goals, objectives, resources, opportunities, obstacles and strategies. Once a plan has been constructed or implemented, a review of the results and/or changes in any of the variables may require redefinition of the plan.

-          Strategic Planning is a results-oriented process for creating plans incorporating strategies.