Richard Edelman

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Richard Edelman is a weaver of transformative arts, a multidisciplinary synthesizer, and a scholar of psychotherapy and spiritual consciousness, a husband, father, and grandfather, a scholar, social activist, meditation teacher, guide, and visionary. He works with culture creators, including creative artists, entrepreneurs, helping professionals, and activists, as well as individuals, families, groups, and communities. His work focuses on liberating, healing, and celebrating biospheric consciousness. Richard’s recent activism has been on helping individuals and communities liberate and heal themselves from spiritual abuse. As a climate activist, he works towards low cost community-based climate trauma and resilience services with a mutual aid focus informed by evolutionary consciousness. He is writing a book introducing his concept of Toxic Enculturation and how we can liberate and heal ourselves from it.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 111 - Through our Dark Night to a New Day: Our Social and Spiritual Journey in a time of Crisis