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Ralph Thurm is one of the leading international experts for sustainable innovation and strategy as well as sustainability and integrated reporting. He is co-initiator, content curator and facilitator of the r3.0 Platform, worked as Director of Engagement for GISR and co-founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation. Earlier, Ralph Thurm held positions as Head of the Sustainability Strategy Council at Siemens, COO of the Global Reporting Initiative and Director of Sustainability & Innovation at Deloitte. Ralph was involved in the development of all four generations of the GRI Guidelines. Furthermore Ralph works in and supports many networks for sustainable innovation as a valued partner and is a member of various Boards and Jury’s. His blog A|HEAD|ahead is a respected source and input for many international discussions.

“When we started r3.0 in 2013, we felt the urgent need to offer a pre-competitive community platform that would enable key actors to work together to revamp the design of the reporting regime to truly serve a green & inclusive economy. I strongly believe that reporting can play a trigger function if the sustainability context between macro-level social, ecological and economic systems and the micro-level of individual company impacts is disclosed seamlessly and such reporting is supported by redesigned multicapital accounting rules, data architecture and the disclosure needs of adapted and new business models. There is no such process anywhere in the world serving this purpose, so r3.0 can play a crucial role to catalyze a green and inclusive economy through reporting.”

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