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Without knowing it, you may already be part of

Humanity is on the verge of its greatest evolution yet. The whole universe awaits y-our decisive steps to unity.

The holy books captured in one sentence: Love the others, as you love yourself.

- The 'Sacred Secret' in two words: Free-Willed Divine.

- In three sentences: Humanity is an experiment of the highest Divine to surpass Itself.

S/He created a being that had temporarily to forget its divine origin and leave the Paradise, but one distant day will remember, and out of free will be-come Divine again. This precedes the next step of Soul-Evolution called (by Sri Aurobindo) the Supramental.

- Human Evolution in a few paragraphs: 'A Secret Sacred Story' (click at homepage and enjoy in five languages now).

Projects, notices, suggestions and reports on advancing and co-creating human unity.


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