Noel Munson

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Noel Munson is a serial entrepreneur, futurist, and policy wonk. His passion is working in the four-way intersection of technology, business, society, and the environment. For over 25 years, he has served on legislative and advisory bodies at regional, state, and national levels. He has launched numerous lines-of-business where he has achieved technology commercialization firsts. He is a frequent writer and presenter on technology-related matters. Noel holds a BA in International Relations and a minor in Physics from the University of Virginia, an MBA from Franklin University, and is a fellow at the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership. During the day, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Redhill Scientific.

Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 696 Fri 5/12/23 The Age of Thinking Machines: Practical Policy Recommendations for Democracies to Thrive and Survive
Day 726 Fri 6/23/23 Al Alignment Summit Day 5: Al Industry self-regulation and guardrails in practice