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May 2020 - Days 001 to 010

Day001 Global Summit Establishing The Power Of Women In The World
Day002 How Indigenous Women Are Finding Solutions To Climate Change And The Pandemic
Day003 Community, Creativity And Spirituality Rebelieving Our World
Day004 Courage And Compassion In Collaboration : Creating Resilient, Creative And Diverse Circles Of Change
(a gathering of Warrior Goddess women)
Day005 Codes For A Healthy Earth- Governance For Whole Systems Health
Day006 Women Entrepreneurs Amplifying The Feminine Spirit
Day007 Transforming The Pandemic Crisis Into An Opportunity
Day008 Future Is Origin YINVEST In Systematic Healing For A New Prosperous Earth
Day009 A Living Room Conversation
Anita Sanchez describes her book The Four Sacred Gifts
Day010 Poetry Of Human Rights

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June 2020 - Days 011 to 040

Day011 Youth Green Business- Future Capitalism And Planet
Day012 Personal Empowerment And Leadership In Times Of Crisis
Day013 Shaping A Safer Tomorrow- Their MBA Journey
Day014 From Anxiety To Agency- How Do We Inspire Change In Time Of Crisis
Day015 Leadership, Entrepreneurship And A World Beyond Covid19
Day016 Education And Integral Wisdom
Day017 Next Gen Week Shaping The Future Together
Day018 Charles Eisenstein- The Pandemic, George Floyd And The World To Come
Day019 Whole System Change
Day020 Whole System Change| Day 2
Day021 Interconnecting The Elements Of Global Transformation
Day022 Behaviour Change At Scale
Day023 Radical Collaboration
Day024 Personal Resilience
Day025 Communities For Change
Day026 Social Movements
Day027 Dialogue With Vandana Shiva
Day028 Strategies For New Business
Day029 Crowdsourcing And Regenerative Business
Day030 Dialogue With Rollin McCraty
Day031 Feeding The Soul
Day032 UN Unity Week
Day033 New Approaches To Global Challenges Reforming The Global System , Dealing With Climate Living With Microbes
Day034 Global Planet Authority
Day035 Money Still Rules The World- Move Your Money And Start Making Demands
Day036 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Day037 Weaving Community In A Fragmented World- Inspirationa And Challenges From The Global Ecovillage Network
Day038 Dialogue With Jean Houston
Day039 Gail Taylor Scaffolding Helping To Support A New Paradigm In Its Becominghumanity Rising| Day 39
Day040 The New Art Economy - The New Art For Humanity Rising

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July 2020 - Days 041 to 071

Day041 How A World View Can Empower Transformational Change
Day042 Dialogue With Elisabet Sahtouris
Day043 The Home For Humanity Story: The Artisry Of Integral Worldmaking
Day044 Co Creating A Culture Of Love And Wisdom
Day045 The Birth Of The Leo-Aquarius Age And The Forging Of The Leonine Human
Day046 Beyond Neo Libralism: The Dawn Of A New Civilisation
(About Doctrine of Discovery)
Day047 Reconsidering Leadership: Unlearning And Providing For A More Equitable Emerging Future
Day048 Spirituality In Times Of Dis-Ease: How To Move From Sorrow To Strength
Day049 The Solutions To The Worlds Problems Already Exist: Now What?
Day050 Dreaming Our World
Day051 Education For A New World
Day052 Social Entreprenuership
Day053 Centers Of Light A Vital Catalyst
Day054 Lessons From The French Revolution
Day055 Energy Work At Scale
Day056 Healthy Human Habitats
Day057 People Planet Purpose Or Prophet? Is Sustainability Spirituality And Whos Listening To Nature
Day058 UP Leveling With Members Of The Curiosity Generation. The First Generation Not Definedby Age
Day059 Artivism Race And The Environment
Day060 Connecting The Dots
Day061 Transformations In Learning In A VUCA ( Volitile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambigous ) World
Day062 Transpersonal Contribution To Human Evolution
Day063 Embracing Doughnut And Regenerative Economics As A Pathway To A Better Future
Day064 Fundamentals Of Doughnut Economics
Day065 Cities That Are Applying The Doughnut Economic Approach
Day066 Alternative Economic Systems
Day067 Innovative Approaches To Regenerative Economics
(Rieke Cordon - Seeds Library) (Marilyn Hamilton - Cities)
Day068 Wellbeing Economy Alliance
Day069 Bouncing Beyond
Day070 Dialogue With Thomas Hubl
Day071 From Value Chains & Circular Economies To System Value Cycles
r3.0’s Value Cycles Blueprints

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August 2020 - Days 072 to 083

Day072 Mindsets For Change How Conscious Leaders Design Meaningful Action Towards A Vital World
Day073 Voices From The Elders
Day074 Creating Sustainable Brands
Day075 Developing Personal Empowerment In A Time Of COVID
Day076 Practicing Pause Post Covid19
Day077 Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy: Commemorating The 75th Anniversary Of Hiroshima
Day078 Concious Leadership
Day079 8:8 Star Lion Gate Sacred Fire For Global Peace
Day080 Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy - 75th Anniversary Of Nagasaki
Day081 Science As A Radical Collabrative Endeavor
Day082 A Crucial Time Of Choice - Healing Humanity; Healing The Earth
(...when, where and how the masculine and feminine archetypes became separated and why this matters)
Day083 Nextgen 2030: Integral Actions For Everyday Life

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September 2020 - Days 084 to 106

Day084 Our Moment Of Choice
Evolutionary Visions: Authors, including Jean Houston
Day085 Primal Spirituality: A Dialogue With David Karchere
Day086 Love, Trauma And The Alchemy Of Transformation
Day087 Deep Human Super-Skills In A Brave New World: Understanding The Importance Of Adaptive Resilience
Day088 Mindsets For Change: Conscious Leaders Innovating For A Better Future
Day089 Netherlands Rising. Reinforce Humanity, Help Your Country Rise
Day090 How Does Medicine Need To Evolve?
Day091 Conscious Evolution - From Contemplation To Action
Day092 Breaking Binaries -- From Gender Rigid To Gender Expansive
Day093 Transform Yourself. Transform The World: A Panel Presentation From Naropa University
Day094 Creating Coherence Through Music And The Arts
Kathleen Riley visited the ChatPeople today
Day095 Stop The Global Warming And Use The Heat
Day096 The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research And Its Implications
Day097 Harmony Of The Cosmos: What Pythagoras And Hildegard Von Bingen Can Teach Us In The Time Of Global Pandemic
Kayleen Asbo joined us briefly in the After Chat
Day098 Dialogue With Riane Eisler
Author: The Chalice and The Blade and President of the Center for Partnership Studies
Day099 International| Day Of Peace — Youth From Around The World Come Together
In the AfterChat, Lesley introduces herself; and... Heather sings her song "All Together, All The Time"
Day100 The Rise Of The Green Swans
"Green Swans" = solutions that take us exponentially toward breakthrough.
Day101 The One And The Many
Day102 The Future Of Business: Humanistic Management And Regenerative Economics
Day103 Climate Change, Public Health And Litigation
Day104 Donald Trump And The Upcoming US Election
Day105 Mindsets For Change Stopping The Next Pandemic
Day106 Dialogue With Johnathan Poirritt

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October 2020 - Days 107 to 127

Day107 Radical Regeneration: A Dialogue With Andrew Harvey And Caroline Baker
Day108 Systems Design For A World With A Future
Day109 From Kailash To Davos, Planetary Pilgrimage For Protopia
Day110 The Planet Has No Party Line
Day111 Through Our Dark Night To A New| Day: Our Social And Spiritual Journey In A
Day112 Integral Transpersonal Education
Day113 Femmeq — A Dialogue With A Mother And Daughter About Feminine IQ
Day114 Bouncing Beyond To A Regenerative World
Day115 Bouncing Beyond -| Day 2: Regeneration
Day116 Bouncing Beyond -| Day 3: Harmony
Day117 Bouncing Beyond -| Day 4: Evolution
Day118 Bouncing Beyond -| Day 5: Source
Day119 The Future Of Impact Investing
Day120 Nextgen Roundtable: Global Spotlight #1
Day121 Meeting The Mystery Of Money (Care First)
In "Care First," money serves the well-being of people and planet
Day122 Dialogue With David Pearl, Inventor Of The Street Wisdom Movement
Day123 Manchester Monastery
Day124 Art And The Revolution
Our ChatPerson, Sally Annett, is on this panel!
Esperide presents the Temples to Humankind
Day125 Nextgen Roundtable: Global Spotlight #2
Day126 Humanity Rising Chile
Day127 Tools For Healing The Personal To Transform The Collective
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Technique

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November 2020 - Days 128 to 149

Day128 Shared Leadership Between MEN And WOMEN: The Power Of Connection

The Consequences of the US Presidential Election

Day129 Eve Of The Election
Day130 Election Day
Day131 The Consequences Of The US Presidential Election - The Day After
Day132 The Election Aftermath
Day133 The Larger Context Of Light And Shadow
Day134 Communities For Future - Catalyzing Societal Transformation Through Community-Led Action
Day135 Vladimir Pozner On The Stakes In U.S.-Russia Relations
Day136 VIRTUAL CITY: The New Frontier Of The Smart Cities
Day137 Sonic Coherence: Using Sound For Personal & Planetary Healing
Day138 Breakthroughs In Physics And Cosmology And The Rise Of A New Story For Humanity
Day139 Trump’s Obstruction Of US Presidential Election
Day140 Unshackled - How To Liberate Ourselves From Reactive Structures Of Mind
Day141 Dialogue With Malcolm Stern: How To Thrive Amidst Loss And Uncertainty
Day142 Daniel Ellsberg On Dismantling The “Doomsday Machine” To Avert Nuclear Catastrophe, Whistleblowing And The Future Of Our Democracy
Day143 The Art Of Grief: The Need For Community And Ritual
Day144 The Art Of Grief Part 2.
Day145 Bohm, Krishnamurti And The Unity Of Everything
Day146 Book Of Codes
Day147 We Are Nature, Reconnecting With Wisdom And Oneness
Day148 Dialogue With Zvi Ish-Shalom
Day149 How can Nature's principles of Harmony guide and inform a new way of learning to live?

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December 2020 - Days 150 to 158

Day150 From Cacophony to Coherence through the Arts and Philosophy
Day151 Returning to the Root: Contemplation and Stillness as a Pathway of Integration with Mary Magdalene as a Guide
Day152 Magic At Work - Engaging The Invisible Realms
Day153 The Vanishing Garden: Religion and the Fate of the Earth
Day154 Leveraging 'AQ' - Building resilience in people and businesses
Day155 Reshaping Capitalism: The Future of the Corporation
Day156 Reviewing the Year with Partners who helped start Humanity Rising
Day157 Transitioning to A Better Way (About The Global Network of Transition Towns)
Day158 Celebrating Trees: A Dialogue with Clare Dubois

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January 2021 - Days 159 to 173

January 11-15 Cities Week

Day159 Cities Rising - Monday: Cities Thrive When AQtivating Agency at Scale
Day160 Cities Rising - Tuesday: Cities & Community are Living Systems With Consciousness, Culture and Complex Adaptive Dynamics
Day161 Cities Rising - Wednesday: City & Community Governance Principles & Structures That Support Local Conditions
Day162 Cities Rising - Thursday: Generate Ideas To Enable You To Use Tensions in Your City & Community To Best Mutually Serve You Both
Day163 Cities Rising - Friday: Cities & Communities Are Vehicles for Regeneration When We Take Responsibility for Our Relationship With the Ecoregion Enabling Relationships of Reciprocity

January 18-22 Inauguration Week

Day164 Trump, the Attack on the US Capitol, and the Implications for Democracy in the United States
Day165 Touching The Heart & Healing The Soul of America
Day166 (Inauguration Day no Humanity Rising this day)
Day167 The Mind, the Self, and the Climate Emergency
Day168 Celebrating Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty "Entry into Force Day"

January 25 - 29 2021

Day169 A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday
Day170 How the Major Religions can help save the Environment: Dialogue with Martin Palmer
Day171 Seed + Spark: Using Nature As A Model To Reimagine How We Learn & Live
Day 172 Impact Investment for Regenerative Development, Earth Regeneration and Ecosystem
Day 173 Science and Non Duality: A Dialogue with Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo

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February 2021 - Days 174 to 193

February 1-5 2021

Day 174 Dialogue with Charles Eisenstein
Day 175 Dialog with Lesley Southwick-Trask About Peace Week
Day 176 Conscious Evolution: Why is it urgent and How do we reach it?
Day 177 Creating Islands of Sanity In Seas of Chaos
Day 178 Thrive - a deep dive into the movies and movement

February 8-12 2021

Day 179 Revolutionary Love and Prophetic Empathy – A Strategy for Progressives for the Next Two Decades
Day 180 How the United States Created Vladimir Putin
Day 181 Radical Brilliance: How You can Create the Conditions to Be the Person who has Brilliant Ideas which Change the World for the Better
Day 182 Health and Humanity
Day 183 A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday II: Dialogue with Rupert Sheldrake and Will Keepin

February 15-19 2021

Day 184 Closing the Divide: The Alchemy of Right Relationship
Day 185 Listening to the Indigenous Mind
Day 186 Singing in a Burning World - Peter Merry in dialogue with Songwriter Luke Concannon
Day 187 Healthy by Design
Day 188 Compassion for Empaths: Lessons from Compassion Science

February 22-26 2021

Day 189 Towards a Paradigm of Co-Creation
Day 190 Understanding the Current Status of the Pandemic: A dialogue with Dr. Chris Beyrer
Day 191 Being Healthy Naturally
Day 192 Health and the Wider Ecosystem
Day 193 How do we want to work and live together? A Dialogue with Alfred Tolle

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March 2021 - Days 194 to 216

March 1-5 2021 Peace Lab Week

Day 194 Intersection of Race, Culture and Activism
Day 195 Intersection of Trauma, Compassion and Value Economics
Day 196 Intersection of Beliefs, the Arts and Transformation
Day 197 Intersection of Spirituality, Reality and Intention
Day 198 Intersection of Action, Agency and Impact

March 8-12 2021

Day 199 Trust in Life - Celebrating International Women’s Day
Day 200 Connecting Worlds and Wisdom
Day 201 Rethinking National Security
Day 202 Ten Years Deep—Nuclear Power Disaster in Fukushima, Japan
Day 203 The Vanishing Garden: Religion and the Fate of the Earth

'March 15-19 2021

Day 204 Undoing Racism: Archetypal Energies, Race Relations, And Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind
Day 205 A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday III: Dialogue with Marina Mangini, Jack Kornfeld and Paul Grof with Stan and Brigitte Grof
Day 206 Evolutionary Intelligence: A Dialogue with Anatoly Balyaev about Spiral Dynamics
Day 207 Our Digital Health
Day 208 An Alternative View on the Pandemic and Vaccines

March 22-26 2021

Day 209 Reimagining how to Regenerate Life Systems, Livelihoods, Learning and Leadership during the Combined Climate/Coronaviruses Disruptions
Day 210 Protecting Palestinian Human Rights Online
Day 211 Macrocosmic Quantum Theory and the Future of Humanity
Day 212 Mental Health, Longevity and a Working Future
Day 213 Dialogue with Caroline Myss

March 29-31 2021

Day 214 Spreading A Smile on The Streets
Day 215 How Being an Intellectual Shaman Can Help Change the World
Day 216 Co-Creating Europe. Exploring the Potential of Unity and Diversity

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April 2021 Days 217 to 238

April 1-2 2021

Day 217 Rewilding Humanity Rising
Day 218 Distance Working

April 5-9 2021

Day 219 Homo Novus: The New Man of Wisdom and Heart
Day 220 Emergence of the Sage Archetype — Sages Transforming the World
Day 221 Radiation and Gender: The Effect of Radiation on Women
Day 222 Repair, Restoration & Atonement: A Reckoning with Chattel Slavery and its Aftermath
Day 223 The Krása Skyscapes Project: A Journey in Memory, Healing, and Transformation

April 12-16 2021'

Day 224 A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday IV— The Art of Psychedelic Sitting: Dialogue with Rick Doblin and Diane Haug with Stan and Brigitte Grof
Day 225 Regenerate Costa Rica
Day 226 Communicating with Animals: A Dialogue with Pea Horsley
Day 227 At the Front Lines of Climate Justice: A Dialogue with Osprey Orielle Lake
Day 228 Queen Boudica: War-Leader of her people - and so much more

April 19-23 2021

Day 229 How the United States Created Vladimir Putin
Day 230 The U Journey From Domination to Partnership
Day 231 Pluri-Cultures and Pluri-Species Assemble to Celebrate “Everyday as Earth Day” in the Spirit of Regenerative Abundance
Day 232 Tree Whispering on Earth Day
Day 233 Using Chakras for Psychological Energy Assessment

April 26-30 2021

Day 234 Vibrational Intelligence™ Cultivating Heart Coherence and Flow Through the Power of Music
Gary Malkin is a multiple Emmy Award-winning composer, performer, public speaker, arts activist, and music and health innovator
Day 235 Reflections of Second Generation Children of Holocaust Survivors
Day 236 Mindhive: A new approach to Collective Intelligence
Day 237 Gender Fluidity: A Dialogue with Donovan Ackley
Day 238 Heart Coherence and Holistic Health: A Dialogue with Bruce Cryer

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May 2021 Days 239 to 259

May 3-7 2021

Day 239 Creating Coherent Integration through Intentional Music
Day 240 Growing up Black Inside Systemic Racism
Day 241 Revolution of the Mother: A dialogue with Eve Ensler (V) and Andrew Harvey
Day 242 Deep Agroecology: Our Farms, Our Food, Our Future
Day 243 Integral Polarity Practice

May 10-14 2021

Day 244 Indigenous Leadership for Regenerative, Healthy and Sustainable Communities
Day 245 Sound for Personal and Planetary Healing
Day 246 A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday V— Archetypal Astrology: Dialogue with Becca Tarnas, Renn Butler and Will Keepin with Stan and Brigitte Grof
Day 247 The Peace Lab Presents a Dialogue with Bruce Lipton: The Pattern of Peace
Day 248 Wilderness Therapy – Nurturing relationships with self, others and the natural world

May 17-21 2021

Day 249 Herman Hesse: Prophet and Visionary of a New World
Day 250 Innate Capacities, Regeneration and Multidimensional Renewal
Day 251 Shapeshifting and Identity: A Dialogue at the Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality
Day 252 The transformative power of health literacy - can we tame the infodemic beast?
Day 253 Humanity Rising One Year Anniversary Celebration

May 24-28 2021

Day 254 Towards a Loving World: Leadership and Governance for Wellbeing
Day 255 The Murder Of George Floyd, Black Maleness (Masculinity), And The “Dark Unknown Archetype” In Our Individual And Collective Consciousness
Day 256 Wed 5/26 The Dialogues – Authors, experts and change agents gather to explore some of the systemic problems of our time
Day 257 European Health Union - Political Pipe Dreams or Time for Next Level in Health Politics around the World?
Day 258 Awakening Through Grief & Loss in a Time of COVID

May 31 2021

Day 259 Stronger Together with Diversity and Inclusion

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June 2021 Days 260 to 281

June 1-4 2021

Day 260 The Constitutional Crisis in the United States
Day 261 The UFOs are Here
Day 262 Cradle to Grave - Healthtech to the rescue?
Day 263 From Boy to Man: The Need for Initiation

June 7-11 2021

Day 264 Actions For A Preferred Present and Future
Day 265 Shapes that Shape Us
Day 266 Biden’s Foreign Policy: Challenges, Stakes, Opportunities
Day 267 Mental Health in a Time of COVID
Day 268 The Magic and Mystery of Chartres

June 14-18 2021

Day 269 Relational Path to Regenerating Education
Day 270 Healing Voice: Liberation Through the Ecstasy of Chant
Day 271 Cassandra Speaks: When Women Are the Storytellers, The Human Story Changes
Day 272 Inequality and Public Health
Day 273 How to Be a Better Ancestor

June 21-25 2021

Day 274 Dialogue Creates
The power of co-creation with individuals, teams, and organizations
Day 275 Dialogue with Robert Kennedy Jr.
Day 276 Let’s Talk! What does meaningful youth participation look like?
Day 277 A Salute to Stan Grof on his 90th Birthday — Navigating the Collective Death and Rebirth Facing Humanity: Dialogue with Rick Tarnas with Stan and Brigitte Grof
Day 278 Exploring Unity: The Superorganism Meets the Holomovement

June 28-30 2021

Day 279 Dreaming a Pandemic Doorway
Day 280 Report from Colombia: Building Humaneness from Chaos
Day 281 U.S. Defense Department “Report on The UFO Phenomenon”

July 2021 Days 282 to 303

July 1-2 2021

Day 282 Thu 7/1 Happy Birthday, Stan Grof!
Day 283 Fri 7/2 Leading a Country towards Comprehensive Healthcare - A dialogue between Peter Merry and Dr. Amir Hagos

July 5-9 2021

Day 284 Mon 7/5 Fractured Societies: How can we put them back together? Leveraging the power of the Connectors to combat Polarization
Day 285 Tue 7/6 Toward a New Economics: A Dialogue with Hazel Henderson
Day 286 Wed 7/7 The Caledonian Forest
Day 287 Thu 7/8 A Collective Rite of Passage
Day 288 Fri 7/9 Toward a World of Tolerance and Peace

July 12-16 2021

Day 289 Mon 7/12 Dialogue with Mac Macartney: Remembering the Ancestors
Day 290 Tue 7/13 What Women Need from Men
Day 291 Wed 7/14 The Dialogues
Day 292 Thu 7/15 Biomimicry
Day 293 Fri 7/16 Reflections on the future of language in the Age of Information Technology

July 19-23 2021

Day 294 Mon 7/19 Feminine Intelligence for a Regenerative Future
Day 295 Tue 7/20 Ecesis: How Nature can Save Humanity
Day 296 Wed 7/21 Global Regeneration Corps
Day 297 Thu 7/22 Not knowing, the Sacred Feminine and the Future of our Planet
Day 298 Fri 7/23 U.S. Defense Department “Report on The UFO Phenomenon”

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