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This email from Judith:

"inspired to send you a somewhat illustrated response!

Earth&Religion 2005.jpg

Thank you both, Stan and Shannon, for your very generous selves.

Each of you have given and give so much to Jim's Humanity Rising cause and in the process building on and widening and deepening your own missions as you integrate so much.  So here's to compendiums, I say!

In a way related, back in 2005, I produced Earth & Religion, my last environmental conference here in the US for Satish Kumar and the UK's venerable Resurgence magazine. Too long ago to have had a permanent website but this photo I came across the other day illustrates a wee bit, held at Bard College, here in the HudsonValley. On this photo Rev. Bruce Chilton on the left then Riane Eisler, Satish, Mary Evelyn Tucker and best of all Chief Oren Lyons. Robert Thurman, Andrew Harvey, Daisy Kahn, Sister Miriam McGillis, Rabbi Larry Troster, the original River Keeper John Cronin were other speakers. My aim was to unite voices from each of the diverse major world religions on behalf of our common cause, Mother Nature. Ironically as my mother was dying in the UK I went back and lost momentum since then but I still think it is a valid unifying approach in these divisive times. Perhaps outdated now? Zooms are indispensable but I do miss the connections of an actual in person conference.

Here's to the ongoing gift that you all at Humanity Rising share with so many and I certainly hope to tune in to very many more.


Also from Jude