Josue Dusoulier

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Josué is a facilitator, trainer, psychologist, permaculturist and eternal learner. He has more than 20 years experience as a trainer, in the field of, among others,transition principles and tools, effective groups, collective intelligence, shared governance, participatory tools, inner transition, train the trainer, a method of personal coaching, etc… both in presence and using online formats. He has worked in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Romania and is one of the pioneers in bringing in and adapting the concept of Transition to the French-speaking world.

He is a cofounder of Ath en transition in his town as well as of the Ré (the French-speaking hub supporting and catalysing Transition in Belgium) where he currently works as a trainer, trainings designer & coordinator, and catalyst. He was also a cofounder of Université du Nous in Belgium, accompanying and training people and organizations towards new ways of agile and shared governance.

Author of numerous articles about transition and used to giving exciting talks about this topic, he was chosen in 2014 as one of the 100 “Créateurs d’avenir” (future designers) by Fondation des Générations futures and partners. He focuses his work on promoting new models of sustainable living, local resilience and governance.

Josué loves reading, writing, gardening, planting trees, cooking, exploring permaculture in practice, walking in nature, practicing meditation and of course spending quality time with his children, family and friends.

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