Idea: Global What Do You Know Workshop

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It's time for the Chat People to get creative

I'd like to offer a series of Zoom sessions where people from around the world do some interactive data and idea sharing. The goal is to gather and classify (tag) a free form mind meld of thoughts, references, and other resources.

  • This is a kind of Brain Storming but where everyone can just pump in their ideas and thoughts about ANYTHING.
  • It's also like a Show And Tell open mic for IDEAS
  • After collecting data, a discussion and sorting period will engage everyone in defining and sorting the concepts thus gathering them into similar groupings. (Tags)

The Tagging will use the Wikidelphia / OtherNetworks category system

What Something Is
What Something Does
What Something Is About

What Do You Know Time

The workshops will be held in 4 time zones. Facilitators for each time zone will host Zoom meetings for the people choosing to work in that time frame. At this point we need suggestions for the set of time zones.