Humanity Rising Syndicated Radio Network

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How creative and caring men and women are rebooting the world

Humanity Rising Syndicated Radio Project:

1. Review the 400+ Humanity Rising video recordings and rank them according to "transformative" and "compelling" value

2. Group them into subcategories according to the thematic relationship of the material.

3. Edit the high-ranked recordings down to 25 to 50 minutes for radio play formats, eliminating those recordings that rely on powerpoints.

4. Research potential for radio syndication and economic sustainability. Will it be necessary to acquire national sponsors? If so, identify and procure sponsors.

5. Would the speakers of the presentations require monetary compensation for commercial use of their contributions? If so, how much?

6. Determine the person-hours necessary to successfully accomplish items 1-5 and continue it on an ongoing basis.

7. Establish a budget for funding items 1-5.

8. Identify and procure funding for accomplishing items 1-5.

9. Put a call out to the Humanity Rising listserve to folks who might be interested in participating in a team to discuss the feasibility of the concept proposed herein.

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