Humanity Rising Day 23 - Radical Collaboration

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Radical Collaboration

In order to achieve the change that is needed, an unprecedented level of collaboration will be required. This session looks at what that means and the insights and tools that our speakers have discovered on their journeys.

  • Emanuel Kuntzelman, social entrepreneur, writer, environmentalist, co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement - Cooperation at the Core of the Holomovement
  • George Por, Founder, President, Campus Co-Evolve -  Mobilizing the Co-Intelligence of the Movements for a Thrivable World
  • Jeff Genung, Co-founder of Contemplative Life, Transformation 365 & Prosocial Spirituality - Prosocial Spirituality, Where Evolutionary Science Meets Contemplative Inquiry
ProSocial World
  • Daniel Wahl, consultant, educator and activist - Cooperative advantage: Bioregional pathways to Human and Planetary Health
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