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Hilary Van Welter’s specialty lies in exploring new landscapes and frontiers, uncovering uncharted territory and unleashing hidden potential. As a person who thrives at the intersections of disciplines, she undertakes breakthrough work through her designs and leadership of projects that undertake innovative research and weave together distinctly different perspectives and knowledge. The goal is to radically reimagine wellbeing of all through the significant challenges of our tumultuous world.

  • Hilary is currently co-authoring a book with her twin sister Lesley Southwick-Trask entitled The Hallway of the Inbetween. This is a book about where we go when have left one place in our lives, and are not sure which door to open next.

Participation in Humanity Rising

Day 197 - Thursday March 4 The Intersection of Spirituality, Reality and Intention
Day 346 Mon 10/25/21 HR Women’s Summit | Girl Driven Solutions | What is Beauty Telling Us?
Day 369 Tue 11/23/21 Join The HIVE
Day 437 Mon 3/21/22 Girl Driven Solutions: The Makeover of SDG #3 – Health & Wellbeing – from the Indigenous Lens

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