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Click on the Episode Number to go to the Humanity Rising Day Page for that episode. On that page you will find all the recordings of the videos and the chats and detailed information about that session.

Date HR Episode Topic CONVENER Panelists
27-Jan-21 171 Seed + Spark: Using Nature As A Model To Reimagine How We Learn & Live Sam Chaltain
Stephanie Pace-Marshall
Trung Le
28-Jan-21 172 Rethinking and Redesigning Impact Investment for Regeneration of Planetary Ecosystems and the Transformation of Human Consciousness Jim Garrison Jennifer Viloria,
Anjali Schiavina,
Benjamin Bernabela,
Amena Ba
29-Jan-21 173 Science and Non Duality: A Dialogue with Maurizio and Zaya Benazzo Jim Garrison Maurizio Benazzo
Zaya Benazzo
01-Feb-21 174 Dialogue with Charles Eisenstein Jim Garrison Kim Rosen,
Charles Eisenstein
02-Feb-21 175 In conversation about Peace week Jim Garrison Lesley Southwick Trask,
03-Feb-21 176 Conscious Evolution: Why is it urgent and How do we reach it? Jim Garrison Manda Scott
Sabinije von Gaffke
04-Feb-21 177 Creating Islands of Sanity In Seas of Chaos Jim Garrison Carolyn Baker,
05-Feb-21 178 Thrive - a deep dive into the movies and movement Peter Merry Marshall Lefferts
Jim Garrison Joe Martino
08-Feb-21 179 Revolutionary Love and Prophetic Empathy – A Strategy for Progressives for the Next Two Decades Jim Garrison Rabbi Michael Lerner
Cat Zavis
09-Feb-21 180 How the United States Created Vladimir Putin Jim Garrison, Vladimir Posne

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