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Date HR Episode Topic CONVENER Panelists
04-Nov-20 131 The Consequences of the US Presidential Election Jim Garrison Shelly Alcorn
Sabinia Von Gaffke Joe Jaworski
Riane Eisler,
05-Nov-20 132 The aftermath Jim Garrison Carylon Baker
Sabinia Von Gaffke Shelly Alcorn
Jack Policar
Max Perrey,
06-Nov-20 133 The Larger Context of Light and Shadow Jim Garrison Otto Scharmer,
Sabinia Von Gaffke Shelly Alcorn
09-Nov-20 134 Communities for Future - catalyzing societal transformation through community-led action Jim Garrison Juan del Rio (Spain)
Sabinia Von Gaffke Alisa Dendro (Sweden / Kazakhstan)
Alexandru Tudose (Romania)
Filipa Pimentel (Portugal)
10-Nov-20 135 Vladimir Pozner on the Stakes in U.S.-Russia Relations Jim Garrison Vladimir Pozner
Sabinia Von Gaffke Jim Hickman
Cynthia Lazaroff
11-Nov-20 136 Virtual Cities: The new Frontier of Smart Cities Katerina Zalamova, Arq. Débora Bessa,
Ronny Boesing
Jason (Seng Tae) Baik
Paul Kallee-Grover,
12-Nov-20 137 Sonic Coherence: Using Sound for Personal & Planetary Healing Jim Garrison Jonathan Goldman,
Sabinia Von Gaffke Andi Goldman,
Jonathan and Andi Goldman
13-Nov-20 138 Breakthroughs in Physics and Cosmology and the Rise of a New Story for Humanity Jim Garrison Jude Currivan,
Sabinia Von Gaffke Jean Houston,
Ervin Laszlo,
Anneloes Smitsman,
16-Nov-20 139 Trump’s Obstruction of US Presidential Election Jim Garrison Shelly Alcorn
Sabinia Von Gaffke
17-Nov-20 140 Unshackled - How to liberate ourselves from reactive structures of mind Jim Garrison Bob Anderson:
Sabinia Von Gaffke Berend-Jan Hilberts:

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