HR!Day589 - Building Bridges of Poetic Healing in a Burning World

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--- Humanity Rising Day 589 - Thursday November 24, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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(We all give thanks... and Shannon talks about her trip to Egypt & Visits with friends)

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Amidst several planetary crises of our fragmented burning world, poetry has a vital role to witness and to heal our relationship with ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. In this session, multi-disciplinary poet, eco-artist, and climate justice advocate Neha Misra will share her transatlantic journey in poems.

Neha’s expansive worldview witnesses human complexity while rising beyond binaries across borders and hemispheres.Her poetry depicts a world based on radical vision, vivid experiential knowledge, and deep multi-cultural anchors. She dares to imagine a world in which art and care are the revolutionary acts we need to turn our various human disasters around and upside-down until we can see it all differently. Turning around, starting again. And in doing so, her poetry becomes a shared balm, a prayer, and a revolution.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University

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