HR!Day398 - This Supreme Moment of Historical Grace - With Lorna Green

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--- Humanity Rising Day 398 - Tuesday January 25, 2022      (GoTo Bottom)
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COVID is the perfect expression of our malpractices toward the Earth and it has brought virtually the whole global economic system to a standstill. The system is crashing down all around us.  It is time to reimagine ourselves and to rebuild on completely new lines.

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We are now in an absolutely unique moment in our history unlike any other time.  Virtually all economies are based on the destruction of the Earth, and we are now at a place where we can foresee if we continue on as we are our own extinction.  In one sense, the virus has been a godsend, a wakeup call from the planet.  It is the perfect expression of our malpractices toward the Earth, and it has brought virtually the whole economic on the planet to a standstill. The system is crashing down all around us.  And so, it is time to rethink ourselves, and to rebuild, on completely new lines.  We are leaving behind us an old civilization that ran by male dominance, fear lies and control to move into a new civilization based on Love and Truth.  

We need to rebuild America conceptually and spiritually, with new and better ideas about the Earth, Ourselves, the economy and what we are all here for.  And every one of us has a place, and a role to play in building a new civilization based on basic principles of Love and Truth.  Everyone matters, we all need to start asking how we can make the difference.  And the hope I would offer everyone is that what needs to happen is in fact happening.  

  • Lorna Green, PhD, is a writer, on the trail of metaphysics—of what is Really Real from an early age, growing up in the household of a physicist in the conviction that science had all the answers.  Einstein’s fascination was Light.  Lorna's is Life, what happened when a warm little wounded bird in her hand gradually stopped breathing and went stiff and cold.  She followed her questions downward into the very heart of the Life Sciences where she realized that science could not explain the Universe.  She then took up the study of Philosophy to find other alternatives.  Teaching the Great Books at St. John’s College in the early ‘70’s followed by a stay in a monastic community.  By the time she was 40 she had picked up the essential learning of this age and went away into a 14-year wilderness life of prayer, writing and practical tasks to work the whole thing out for herself.  She realized that Consciousness was the true basis of the Universe and the right fundamental term for science, every other discipline as well and civilization itself. In all her writings she lays out her arguments for this principle and the implications for the way we think about everything — the Universe, the Earth, Ourselves and Spirit.  

Recommended reading and links

  • Earth Age:  A New Vision of God the Human and the Earth:  Lorna Green
  • Beyond Chance and Necessity:  The Limits of Science and the Nature of the Real:  Lorna Green
  • Guiding Principles for the Planet:  The New Paradigms, A Meditation on Cartesian Themes: Lorna Green
  • The Reign of the Holy Spirit:  Christ Self, I AM: Lorna Green
  • Consciousness as the Organizing Principle:  Lorna Green, The Scientific God Journal (Amazon)
  • Consciousness this New Principle:  Four Part Version: Lorna Green:  The Galileo Commission Website
  • Seth Speaks:  Jane Roberts
  • Beyond Words:  What Animals Think and Feel: Carl Safina


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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