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The Magic and Mystery of Chartres

--- Humanity Rising Day 268 -

Friday June 11, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)

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In this session, Jim Garrison will explore the history of Chartres, France, the site of what is called “the queen of cathedrals.” From earliest prehistoric times dating back thousands of years, the hill of Chartres has been associated with a powerful presence of feminine energy. The Druids arrived there 3,500 years ago and attuned themselves to the feminine energies they discerned and called Chartres theirvatican, their “seat.” For the Druids, Chartres had the most potent energy in all of Europe and so each year all the Celtic peoples gathered in Chartres to commune with the feminine aspect of earth energies. With the rise of Christianity 2,000 years ago, Chartres became a sacred site and carried on the lineage of acknowledging the presence of a profound feminine energy. Then 1,000 years ago, the Chartres Academy was established which for the next 250 years taught the seven liberal arts and the power of the feminine, honoring Mary and Mary Magdalene as central figures in spirituality. For the Chartrian Masters, both nature and religion led to an awareness of the Divine.

Each year since 2005, our Wisdom School leads a pilgrimage to Chartres to consecrate ourselves in the presence of the sacred feminine as we study the seven liberal arts. This year we will convene the pilgrimage virtuallyJuly 4-11and explore the second liberal art of Dialectica.Please join us.



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Each Zoom live webinar will have a maximum capacity of 500 participants. If you are not able to join on Zoom, we will be live streaming here on the UbiVerse and on:

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