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Reimagining how to Regenerate Life Systems, Livelihoods, Learning and Leadership during the Combined Climate/Coronaviruses Disruptions

--- Humanity Rising Day 209 - Monday March 22, 2021     (GoTo Bottom)
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Annapurna Pluriversities is a learning, unlearning and relearning global initiative/umbrella addressing the epochal and epical dimensions of the present moment which professor Parajuli identifies as the Combined Climate/Coronaviruses Disruptions (CCCs). Each presentation asks for deep immersion into regenerative imagining, dreaming, designing and acting. This session will highlight how in such bio-culturally diverse bio-geographies that form our world and networks, Annapurna Pluriversities seeks to prepare a new generation of regenerative educators and leaders, dreamers and designers.

Opening presentations by Professor Parajuli in both sessions will elaborate on the Annapurna Pluriversities theme. Annapurna is the mountain range in mid-Nepal, Anna (meaning grain) and Purna (meaning full harvest, or abundance). The symbolic theme of the Annapurna is considered to be the goddess of fertility and abundance and is evoked to create models of cultivating and learning regenerative abundance. Pluriversity (instead of university or multiversity) is preferred to recognize the pluri-species assemblages — the human as well as other species — in the theatre of learning and co-creating regenerative abundance. The working motto of Annapurna Pluriversities is  Regenerating the Right Relationship between the BioSphere, EthnoSphere, LearningSphere and LeadershipSphere.

In each selected bioregion, presenters find the new coordinates that would regenerate the possibilities for life, livelihoods, learning and leadership. During these tumultuous times of CCCs, the content as well as the processes of pluriversities will be to build on and enhance the massive and deep work of regenerating the “soil-carbon-water-climate-web,” or the “soil-food-nutrition-health web” and the “wood-wide web.” We expect emergent learning webs and leadership webs around the bioregions, watersheds, foodsheds, seedsheds, energysheds and more. Humans alone cannot do this. A new regenerative curriculum and work will need to engage “companion species” and create “pluri-species assemblages.” Such co-regenerating among fellow species could be the art of harvesting and retaining the water in the Himalayan slopes, the abundantly found bamboo grass, a raindrop, the morning dew and fog along the river valleys in the Himalayas or Rio Arriba, a pollinator, a mycorrhizal fungal network, a bio-char, soil-carbon microbes, grasslands, or wetlands.


  • Pramod Parajuli, Ph.D, Convener, is Founder and Executive Director of Annapurna Pluriversities: Regenerating Lifesystems, Livelihoods, Learning and Leadership, (, professor Parajuli is the co-designer and Founding Faculty of the Doctoral Program on Visionary Practice and Regenerative Leadership, SouthWestern College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. A prolific writer and thought leader in pedagogical, social and applied sciences. Pramod is co-editor of the book, Religion and Sustainable Agriculture: World Spiritual Traditions and Food Ethic (University of Kentucky Press, October 2016).
  • Michael Aprill, Ed.D, is Advisor to Professor Pramod Parajuli around K-12 Curriculum. Dr Aprill holds doctoral degree in Educational Sustainability from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Dr. Aprill’s doctoral research focused on Ojibwe culture, climate disruption, and fourth grade curriculum. He earned his B.S. from UWSP in Biology and a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Additionally, Dr. Aprill is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher specializing in Adolescents and Young Adults Science. He has worked with Indigenous people in Central America, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the United States. He has presented his research and curricula at regional and international conferences. He brings over 20 years of experience developing curriculum grades K through 12 and at the college level focusing earth sciences and integrating climate education into all areas of curricula. Resonating with Annapurna Pluriversities’s focus and process, Dr. Aprill’s ultimate goal is to help students, families, and communities become resilient to climate related events and to foster active citizenry for all people.
  • Nripal Adhikary is Founder/President of ABARI: A Bamboo and Earth Initiative. Nripal is one of the original thinkers, and bold design architects of Nepal. He and his team have not only built/restored hundreds of historical buildings, schools and hospitals, they have also innovated on the bamboo and mixed agro-forestry gardens as a way to control flood and landslides while growing food, agro-medicinals as well as offering employment and livelihoods for peasants and farmers in Nepal. ABARI is a socially and environmentally committed research, design and construction firm. Abari has envisioned the “Crafting Bamboo Village of the Future” and pioneered such work in the Madi, Chitwan ( Madi is one of the 14 municipalities where the ISER will be assessed, examined and implemented. As a pioneering institution offering vernacular design and solutions, ABARI examines, encourages, and celebrates the vernacular architectural tradition of Nepal. As Nepalese possess sophisticated traditional knowledge of natural materials like adobes, bamboos, stones and reed, ABARI as a research and design firm tries to promulgate these materials into contemporary design practices.
  • Vivian Song serves as the program director for the Open Heart Design Alliance. Vivian is a versatile researcher and creative producer currently living between New York and Shanghai, China. Vivian completed her MA study on Urban Sociology (Cities and Society) at the Goldsmiths University of London in 2015. Vivian helped set up the yearly gathering series during World Economic Forum at Davos, offering transformative experience, stimulating dialogues, and art-tech incubating opportunities to its global network.
  • Joe Brewer is currently leading the bioregional regeneration efforts in Barichara, Colombia, Joe Brewer is a true polymath and lover of Earth! He is executive director of the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution and the founder of the Earth Regenerators network, a study group for restoring planetary health and avoiding human extinction. He is the author of The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth (which will be self-published soon) where he brings together the fields of complexity, Earth Systems, cognitive science, and cultural evolution.


  • Jim Garrison, President, Ubiquity University


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