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We must shift the human organization from the monetary (world) system to a prepared global networking (via the networks as well as from person to person on site) !

If the current global organization of the world society by means of currency & trading systems turns out to be too rigid and counteracting to stem the general life threatening developments on this planet, to pass the tipping points towards an apocalyptic-seeming climate catastrophe which could bring all higher developed forms of life on earth to an end, or to run into a 3rd world war including millions, billions deaths or (especially in connection) of the complete humanity as well, if this is the case wouldn't it make sense, even be the last chance, to set up the organization of our global society, without the financial systems, based solely on developed and already operating computer systemic global digital networkings and primarily focusing the raising of awareness towards this one goal, to bundle all synergies, activities and initiatives thereupon?

  • Say, the shutdown of all monetary systems and world trade from a certain deadline (for example, 01.06.2021) putting the organization of the world society purely on therefore prepared global digital networkings (computer systemically decentralized and open source).. working for the benefit of the whole earth population!
  • Thus, this project would be for a time 'the mother of all projects'


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