Fountain Giving Life (Clean Energy Technology)

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Welcome to the Galaxy!

Our space exists inside of a different kind of space.  It is possible for energy to flow into our space from this "higher dimension".  There are beings who live up there, whom the Lakota people call Tankashelas.  They showed me technology, which they called "Wave Articulation Matrices", which allow energy to flow from their space into ours.  The type of energy they use looks yellow, they called it "Life".   It is some kind of Life Force energy.  It can also interact with electrically charged conductors of an appropriate geometry, and can be used industrially.

They called this technology "Fountain Giving Life", and said, "Fountain pass THROUGH your world."


Milky Way galaxy


clean energy; biomimicry; viktor schauberger; lakota, hyperdimensional light; climate change;