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In 2016 I said goodbye to my career in advertising and devoted myself to being of service to this world. A couple of years prior to that I experienced a burn-out at work that catapulted me into a, well, rather extraordinary path.

My unstoppable curiosity helped me expand my knowledge and awareness in entrepreneurship, consciousness, spirituality, healing, and all that has to do with becoming more of who I am and less of what I’ve been taught to be. In hindsight, the start of my “extraordinary” path started far before that with just curiosity for the seen and the unseen and my relentless passion to find meaning, eliminate fear, and feel true fulfillment in my heart.

I jumped into the unknown countless times; travels, careers, countries. Again, and again… and again.  After years of working in marketing, life guided me into the field of coaching and consulting. Coaching hundreds of women worldwide to find their way back to themselves,  slowly I transitioned in the entrepreneurial arena with a deep urge to use my creativity and writing skills. After years of designing my own websites, I started being asked to design for the women I consulted, growing into the branding and consultancy agency you can witness on this website. My mission is to help others do what they love and make the world a better place; one happy human at a time.


Participation on Humanity Rising

Day 58 - UP Leveling With Members Of The Curiosity Generation. The First Generation Not Defined By Age