Diane Perlman, PhD – Conscious Politics

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Social Science

Diane Perlman is a clinical and political psychologist, mediator, conflict analyst and interdisciplinary social scientist as well as a cancer support educator and health coach.

  • She applies knowledge and skills to political phenomena with a primary purpose of tension reduction, violence prevention, and conflict transformation.
  • Using a therapeutic, healing approach to conflict, it is possible to make conscious, thoughtful, deliberate interventions designed to produce optimal outcomes.
-- From the About Diane Perlman page

Gobal Politics

Conscious Politics endeavors to offer promising, plausible, and psychologically sound approaches to difficult issues in global politics - violence, terrorism, war, weapons of mass destruction and ethnopolitical conflict.

  • Conscious Politics presents ideas for a new, sustainable, survivable, post-partisan and post-military paradigm.
-- From the About Conscious Politics page