Debt Virus – Jacques Jaikaran

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"Debt Virus: A compelling solution to the World's Debt Problems" Jacques Jaikaran

Envision a world without poverty or economic oppression-a place where humankind can attain its potential amidst the weightlessness of true freedom. Imagine the United States, and the rest of the world, without hunger or homelessness where educated societies enjoy all the fruits of their labor. In such a society it would not be necessary to hand over your hard-earned dollars to the government in payment of ever-increasing taxes. Such a vision is no doubt utopian, but Jacques Jaikaran introduces us to a radical economic reorganization of what is now a debt culture and proposes a monetary revolution the results of which would virtually eliminate debt as we know it.

Debt Virus deals with the anatomy and physiology of money, the lifeblood of commerce and industry and hence the economy. Jaikaran points out a monetary error at the root of our cyclical economic problems and prescribes a cure that promises to benefit all mankind.

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Editor's Note: I'm concerned that the author of this is offering a misleading idea