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Humanity Rising Day 201 Chat Page   –   Wednesday March 10, 2021

Text of the Zoom Chat from Humanity Rising Day 201


08:02:31     From Shannon McArthur : good morning from Kamloops  BC Canada (morning here!)  Please include Attendees here in this chat box so we can share our hearts. It  is time now!

08:03:07     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : To whoever sent the orchids: Great idea!  We thank you!

08:05:33     From Kat Haber : We are all magical illusions?

08:05:56     From Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson : My granddaughter's name is Maya

08:06:04     From Shannon McArthur : yes, Kat. and compassion is so hard.

08:06:58     From Shannon McArthur : I am so sorry for her "partner  in crime"

08:07:10     From Stanley Pokras Pokras : Good 201st Day... What an amazing adventure Jim and the team at Ubiquity have led us on. Thank you! And thank you Angie Azur for sharing your pain for the fallen Maya.

08:10:11     From rajinder : love your wildness Angie!

08:10:15     From Shannon McArthur : makes me wild, indeed - and anger needs to take  a back seat.

08:11:15     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : We Women Arising renounce the objectification of being preyed upon by men.

08:11:26     From rajinder : they and we are all innocent in our ignorance

08:11:36     From Susan H-W : In Nepali, Maya means 'Love."

08:12:26     From Shannon McArthur : Susan, thank  you! I feel there is some parallel in that.

08:12:48     From Kurt Krueger, : The time is now to PREVENT such archaic practices. We get to explore the mystery of peace, that if we were to discover and embrace, our realization of it would be faster and easier.

We'd love to have you collaborate with us in answering this query.

You could be a massive contributor with your hearty life to the Peace LAB. Participate in any branch or simply BE the force for Peace. Lot's of Love.

A Humanity Rising Prelude to the Peace LAB week with Lovely Lady Lesley: ::

08:13:00     From rajinder : it's important to know the difference between national security and special interest security and the challenges of governability of the masses.

08:14:03     From rajinder : the drama of life = divine comedy

08:14:56     From Dehanna Rice : Yes, aggression can be convoluted security...that's why Divine Feminine is so imperative üôè

08:16:07     From Astrid Stahlberg  To  All Panelists : In an African language that I know a few word of, Maya means 'come'. The airport in the capital is called Maja-Maja! A young father married in Sweden calls his baby girl, MAYA.

08:18:14     From Diane Skidmore : 'National' ignores that we are all one!!

08:18:34     From Diane Skidmore : Universal security would be better

08:19:18     From Diane Skidmore : Starting with un (one) each person feels secure in themselves so there is no need for defence

08:19:58     From Diane Skidmore : One person - part of one world!!

08:20:09     From Shannon McArthur : Diane, yes!

08:20:34     From Diane Skidmore : Shaking with revelation for new narrative!!

08:21:11     From Susan H-W : Diplomacy is the first line of national security (State Department in our government), which the Biden administration fully supports. Good news.

08:21:19     From Angie Azur  To  All Panelists : Questioning who are we securing ourselves from and why? What is the threat and why? Is it scarcity thinking? Not enough food? Not enough land? Not enough water? Or is it control? Controlling thoughts of others in order to gain ‚Äî which really comes back to scarcity again? Fearing the wildness of others? Fearing other ideas? What is it we are fearing?

08:21:41     From Angie Azur : Questioning who are we securing ourselves from and why? What is the threat and why? Is it scarcity thinking? Not enough food? Not enough land? Not enough water? Or is it control? Controlling thoughts of others in order to gain ‚Äî which really comes back to scarcity again? Fearing the wildness of others? Fearing other ideas? What is it we are fearing?

08:23:23     From Susan H-W : I suggest it is not a "we" in fear of ___." It is about money -- billions made on weapons production and sales, no thought of consequences from the boardroom and their relationship with DOD.

08:24:04     From Diane Skidmore : At last someone has said it - US is a terrorist nation!! (Not individuals I'm sure but - as a whole....) apologies xxx

08:24:25     From Angie Azur : An un-fillable hole then, Susan. It's the deep hidden fear of I'm not enough, playing out on a global scale.

08:24:29     From Susan H-W : Yes, the military-industrial complex is alive and well.

08:24:31     From Kat Haber : China and Russia are USA's current boogeymen nations. China is investing in infrastructure in the developing countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America for their way of linking into their security and seeking resources. Russia is currently attacking us through cyber massively.

08:24:45     From Shannon McArthur : if we just turn away from conflict and towards the Earth and people who care, would the threats just fall away?

08:24:57     From Shannon McArthur : if only...

08:25:06     From Susan H-W : No, the threats will not fall away.

08:26:30     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : This is the foundational problem with the Protective Value Set - coming from fear is NOT productive. The infusion of the Effective Value Set into considerations of war (reduction in trade etc.) is still manipulative and us/them. He's speaking very eloquently about the Resilient Values Set - working from love of life to create a healthy whole!

08:26:47     From Kat Haber : So true, Glen! Kyoto Xcluding military emissions is a huge correction to make urgently. USA military is quite aware and already planning for climate themselves-Navy-deepening ports, Air Force researching emissions free fuels. Army EV tanks?

08:27:36     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : yes Kat sort of ironic!.

08:27:45     From Susan H-W : China also contracts with these nations to claim the land their developments rest upon should the countries default on their loans from the Chinese. Malaysia is already renegotiating to get China off their doorstep. One Belt One Road is not altruistic.

08:27:46     From Shannon McArthur : but we can enfold the people  that are being used to perpetrate the evil into the love - when the armies say no we will be well into the great turning.

08:27:52     From Kat Haber : Biden's first bill is a step in the direction of truly caring for WE the People.

08:28:20     From Susan H-W : Non-violent foreign policy is both ideal and paramount, I think.

08:28:27     From Benjamin Still  To  All Panelists : Hi, does anyone here who is currently doing a BA, MA or PHD with Ubiquity University have any reflections on their experience?

08:28:34     From Diane Skidmore : UK is the same - we make the weapons to sell to UAE who use them on Sudan to whom we also give aid (cutting it right now). Crazy!! It's the way of the patriarch!1 As women we must LOVE THEM BETTER!!! Forgive them all and offer a better way.

08:28:44     From Shannon McArthur : no one wins a war.

08:28:56     From rajinder : Anderson is right on his view of security just like so many others who lead us into this illusion and delusion. true national security is about national defense, but national security is also about food security, climate security, civil defense security, psychological security, education security, job and livelihood security, welfare security, health security and if you look at the national security spending, we see that the gov has only focused on international violence and the military industrial complex

08:28:59     From Kat Haber : Yes, Susan, there is hidden agenda in China's infrastructure funding in that the nation can not afford to repay loans and that infrastructure then becomes owned by Chinese.

08:29:48     From rajinder : America is a war machine at war alone since the Berlin Wall

08:29:50     From Kat Haber : Is security the opposite of fear?

08:30:02     From Susan H-W : YES! to the above post!

08:30:12     From Shannon McArthur : which one, Susan?

08:30:31     From Susan H-W : The one that begins with "Anderson..."

08:30:42     From Diane Skidmore : Thank you Glen!! Non-violence. Well known really - why is it so hard for all the peoples of eth world to live that way?

08:30:45     From Richard Buckley  To  All Panelists : Glen please put links in the chat at some point or have friend add to chat.

08:30:49     From KATHERINE AUGUSTINE : I'm sorry what was that site again?

08:30:59     From rajinder : love is opposite of fear and sits on the same thermometer as hot and cold.

08:31:22     From Richard Buckley : Glen will put the links in later in the session.

08:31:39     From Diane Skidmore : Yes. WE have to challenge!!

08:31:46     From Kat Haber : Conflict over ever more scarce inputs to the capitalistic production cycle will accelerate unless a dramatic shift in values is urgently embraced.

08:32:48     From Diane Skidmore : Which is why the pandemic offered the chance to make changes to capital and material ways. Did anyone respond? Well, a few I guess...!...

08:33:11     From Kat Haber : World Social Forum-another world is possible. ::

08:33:12     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : The Quincy Institute has a webinar on the American empire of military bases today after this zoom ::

08:33:30     From Diane Skidmore : Just a couple of governments - NZ

08:33:34     From rajinder : peace is distributed wealth creation and war is concentrated wealth creation. and the divine comedy continues

08:33:52     From Diane Skidmore : That number 1 comment - hope you can send us that in writing Glenn. Please xxx

08:33:54     From Susan H-W : Thank you, Amy, for the QI information!

08:34:24     From Diane Skidmore : Number 3. Brill too

08:35:01     From Nadia Mejjati  To  All Panelists : Here is Erica Chenoweth who documented the evidence on nonviolence, proving its effectiveness over violence in creating peace. Inspiring! :  ::

08:35:33     From Diane Skidmore : Gosh!! A good man!! Wahaaaay!! hahaha

08:35:52     From Kat Haber : 1. Instead of Us vs Them-we are one. 2. no nation should dominate another. promote fairness, equality, cooperation. 3. Violence does not solve problems only makes them worse. Non violent solutions. 4. All is connected, CIA calls it blowback, fleeing nations, destabilizing nations they move to CLIMATE MIGRATION! 5. win win 6. replace USA self centered nat security model with compassion security model.

08:36:24     From Diane Skidmore : Fantastic Kat!!! Thankyou - I did wonder...!.

08:36:48     From rajinder : Anderson America was build by refugees... who escaped violence but brought violence in their heart in the new world. just like Israel violence towards the palestiniens.. we humans are in a loop

08:37:18     From Kat Haber : SOLUTIONS!!!! 1. All security depends on all of us feeling safe. Polarization (Separation) divide and conquer keeps the oppressed oppressed. We are all in this together. Rise up non violently.

08:37:28     From Diane Skidmore : We WERE in a loop Rajinder. Now is the time to change!!!

08:37:28     From Susan H-W : Intra-cultural violence needs greater attention.

08:37:39     From Shannon McArthur : the "loop" is a spiral, if we choose! WHEN we choose!

08:37:51     From rajinder : America is international law

08:37:54     From Angie Azur : Yes, we are in a loop - stuck in a labyrinth of victimhood and perpetrator. We need to come together and find the path out ‚Äî‚Äî

08:38:03     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : US citizens think we're being altruistic in our military "protection" of the world

08:38:14     From rajinder : with guns and boots

08:38:24     From Susan H-W : I do not agree that "America is international law."

08:38:30     From Sondra Doe  To  All Panelists : As you know, Korea that was one country for over 5 thousands years was divided into North and South Koreas since the 1950 Korean War, which still has not ended officially.  Please read the following invitation for you to join in the grass-root initiative for bringing about permanent peace on the Korean peninsula. You, as peace-loving global citizens, are cordially requested to sign our petition shown below.   Please copy the following link ("Declaration of Permanent Neutralization of the Korean Peninsula") for your review.  Thank you for your interest in this significant social action movement  occurring in Korea. (For more info, contact Sondra Doe: e-mail to

08:38:36     From Shannon McArthur : go into your heart,  quietly and honestly! there  we discover the imagine-nation where love rules all..

08:38:38     From Kat Haber : 2. Mistaken notion that we are righteously for liberty so can dominate the world. Exempt from international law, CLIMATE/SCIENCE, powerful American's steal nat resources, people who live in those place should determine what to do with their parts of nature (Not treat like natural resource big box store)

08:38:38     From rajinder : +1 angie

08:38:41     From Diane Skidmore : And one set 'having the right' means all the others will feel they 'have the right'. Yuk!!!

08:40:04     From rajinder : America needs spiritual purging, cleansing and leadership

08:40:05     From Susan H-W : Two ex-Presidents (U.S.) are held in violation of international law and would be arrested if they entered specific countries.

08:40:17     From Diane Skidmore : We have to focus on helpfulness!!!

08:40:37     From Kat Haber : 3. SOLUTION NON violence!movies end badly with violence. Myth of redemptive violence. FICTIONAL. No number of bombs will solve these problems maintain endless cycle of unwindable wars. PEACE PLEASE< STARTS WITH EACH OF US! Personal>families>neighbors>states>global! Non violent ways of education, policing, peace keeping?

08:40:38     From Susan H-W : Yes, Rajinder; completely agree!

08:40:47     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : And all the pollution and carbon emitted by the military ‚Äî even apart from actual hostilities,

08:41:08     From Stanley Pokras Pokras : Thank you, Diane.

08:41:13     From rajinder : and it starts at home, the indigenous healing, the homelessness, the 99%, etc... bring Snowden home and give him a medal

08:42:39     From rajinder : thanks Anderson for so many great points of thought

08:42:39     From Kat Haber : 4. SOLUTION: BLOWBACK Treat others the way we would want to be treated-GOLDEN RULE! REFUGEES must be solved-(how about here in USA if each family from afar is readily planned for to be welcomed through churches? generosity, compassion, welcoming, learning language, sharing, daring) Fairness/diplomacy

08:43:24     From Diane Skidmore : Kindness to all - natural progression - helpfulness (Stan, yes!!) And yes, START behaving ethically!!!

08:43:25     From rajinder : the American dream is a global nightmare. wake up please

08:43:34     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Grabbing more than our fair share has become enshrined as the American Way of Life‚Äî AWOL

08:43:38     From Angie Azur : When there is hunger and fear, there is no energy to rise together, to go inward, to change old learned ways. What can we do to help each other have the energy to relearn love and compassion? Maybe we could adopt each other? Like adopt a highway, we could adopt a family, adopt a cop, adopt a victim, adopt a perp? Maybe we could help one family at a time this way?

08:43:51     From Diane Skidmore : Well said Rajinder!!!

08:43:52     From Susan H-W : $780 billion to DoD was the 45th's nod to corporate welfare.

08:44:12     From Susan H-W : Yes, Rajinder, well said.

08:44:42     From rajinder : +1 Angie, I will be happy to adopt you

08:44:51     From Kurt Krueger, : PRIMARY PREVENTIONS for so many issues of our time.

Start early ~ PARENTING is awesomely effective. Read and apply: Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect: Mindful Parenting, by Diane Tillman. Have the Living Values practices taught is schools! For inspiration listen to this: ::

08:44:57     From rajinder : +1 diane

08:45:03     From Angie Azur : Oh that made me smile, rejoinder!

08:45:08     From Susan H-W : :)

08:45:14     From Diane Skidmore : So again, each person take responsibility for their own action and - be kind, helpful and aware

08:45:21     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : Kurt's early idea of a Department of peace should be talked about today.

08:45:48     From rajinder : very inspiring talk by Anderson... üå∏

08:45:59     From Angie Azur : Rajinder!stupid spell check - ha

08:46:12     From rajinder : Jim is smiling üôÉ

08:46:19     From Kat Haber : 5. SOLUTION: All in this together. WIN-WIN!!! All nations are acting in their own interest not good/evil nations. Each sees in absolute terms. Diplomacy requires we understand both sides. Self righteousness end badly with violence as a method of conflict resolution Listening/respect. EMPATHY! common humanity, replace selfishness with rights for all, empathic listening, objective criteria, respecting international law. WE are not naive. We see clearly WWI was not the war to end all wars, nor WWII, Nor Korea, Nor VietNam, Nor Middle East continual wars. Stop taking more than what is ours. create friends instead of enemies. instead of spending 740 BILLION annually on military

08:46:31     From Astrid Stahlberg  To  All Panelists : Peace starts with the close surroundings.

08:46:36     From Sondra Doe  To  All Panelists : Department of Global Peace should be established in Korea!

08:46:51     From Sondra Doe  To  All Panelists : Please read the following:

08:46:57     From Sondra Doe  To  All Panelists : As you know, Korea that was one country for over 5 thousands years was divided into North and South Koreas since the 1950 Korean War, which still has not ended officially.  Please read the following invitation for you to join in the grass-root initiative for bringing about permanent peace on the Korean peninsula. You, as peace-loving global citizens, are cordially requested to sign our petition shown below.   Please copy the following link ("Declaration of Permanent Neutralization of the Korean Peninsula") for your review.  Thank you for your interest in this significant social action movement  occurring in Korea. (For more info, contact Sondra Doe: e-mail to

08:47:05     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Re-generating flowing power instead of hoarded power

08:47:09     From rajinder : Angie, still happy to adopt you.. with or without the "spell" check üëä

08:47:15     From Diane Skidmore : Angie - YES!!! (That's life for me - have a label on my neck - MUM hahaha)

08:48:27     From Davidson Akhonya  To  All Panelists : Hello to everyone, this is Davidson from KenyăΩÌ¥•

08:48:27     From Angie Azur : +Rajinder

08:48:44     From rajinder : üôÉ

08:48:52     From Angie Azur : Diane, MUM ‚Äî love it

08:49:55     From rajinder : Anderson, could you share what has changed since your post Vietnam days and today.. in terms of the actionability of "we the people"

08:50:01     From Diane Skidmore : hahaha - me too. My kids go off it sometimes - can't get a lookin. But - they're doing the same!!

08:50:08     From Diane Skidmore : ::

08:50:16     From Astrid Stahlberg  To  All Panelists : States cannot provide peace. It is a way to be together and accept the differences, ragarding each person we meat  with  curiosity and respect. Peace is a daily way of beeing.

08:50:51     From Susan H-W : Amen to what Anderson just said.

08:51:18     From Kat Haber : 6. SOLUTION: replace fear animosity with security and peace. Militarism is a root cause of fears makes us less secure. (REPUBLICANS WILL GO CRAZY WITH THIS_THEIR CONTINUOUS BLAMING OF D"S for DEMILITARIZING!) replace it hurst us. Americans are afraid of terrorists, but fears of loss of civil liberties, !escalating manipulating American's fears to serve corps militarization. (CIRCULAR THINKING RESULTS IN THIS CONTINUING CHAOS) We are being pushed down, losing healthcare, pensions, honest political processes, fear they are losing>>>White supremacy, conservative Christians, escalation of cruelty, misplaced fears, seeking wrong remedies, thoughtful people could help with true security with moral/politial high ground to tap into actual needs, not gained through wars/sacrificning civil liberties, PROGRESSIVE VALUES QUICKLY!

08:51:42     From Diane Skidmore : Angie - they used to say Earth Mother. Nowadays - universal mum. Glen - sounds like you're the DAD of XR

08:52:06     From rajinder : pachamama üíÉ

08:52:17     From Diane Skidmore : Prevention better thancure!! Yes!!

08:52:30     From Angie Azur : We need a panel for world leaders - a panel of Sages & Crones - elders from all groups that have done the work of self and released trauma energies and so they are clear and not reacting from childhood traumas. This panel would guide our leaders on love and compassion and best earth, animal and people practices.

08:52:39     From Diane Skidmore : Healthy forests.... All that. Yes!!!

08:53:05     From Hhamish Gordon  To  All Panelists : total

08:53:13     From Diane Skidmore : Angie!! What an idea!! Sages and Crones - working with babies and teens!!!!

08:53:33     From Marijke Kuipers  To  All Panelists : What do you think of the institutional violence from corporations (just attended a meeting about the Indian farmers protests, which are spreading all over the country with support from the public)

08:53:40     From rajinder : bring Snowden back as a hero of truth or we are all enslaved until then

08:53:42     From Kat Haber : For all>>>Security in forms of place, food, health, environmental-water/air/soils/climate, personal, cultural, community, religious, political, global.

08:53:42     From Susan H-W : I can already hear pushback on what the key words mean: civil liberties, security, strong public health services, sustainable ecosystems, etc. Until the dialogue is based on agreed-upon meanings, it will remain lost in the weeds.

08:53:52     From Diane Skidmore : Leave the medium ages to keep it together while we have fun (Oldies and youngies together hahaha)

08:53:55     From Kurt Krueger, : Alliance promotes an environmentally sustainable, socially just, spiritually fulfilling human presence on Mother Earth

08:54:13     From Kat Haber : Yay, Pachamama Alliance!

08:54:16     From rajinder : love Anderson's beard..

08:54:26     From Angie Azur : +++ Kurt! Pachamama!

08:55:15     From Sondra Doe  To  All Panelists : Here is a great opportunity for you to put your beliefs in global peace movement into concrete action.  -------------  As you know, Korea that was one country for over 5 thousands years was divided into North and South Koreas since the 1950 Korean War, which still has not ended officially.  Please read the following invitation for you to join in the grass-root initiative for bringing about permanent peace on the Korean peninsula. You, as peace-loving global citizens, are cordially requested to sign our petition shown below.   Please copy the following link ("Declaration of Permanent Neutralization of the Korean Peninsula") for your review.  Thank you for your interest in this significant social action movement  occurring in Korea. (For more info, contact Sondra Doe: e-mail to

08:55:23     From rajinder : Jim, Anderson, can you share the link to this doc ?

08:55:36     From Susan H-W : Beautiful handout.

08:55:53     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : Yes - Diane you got it! LOL

08:56:01     From Kat Haber : Susan-take a screenshot?

08:56:24     From rajinder : that's god calling

08:56:39     From rajinder : "down to nothing" lol

08:56:40     From Susan H-W : lol

08:56:48     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : Rajendra - LOL

08:56:49     From Kat Haber : Good to know the what-its the how that seems to escape Human decency when frightened and their hierarchy of needs is not satisfied.

08:57:10     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : yes - Kat!

08:57:18     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Not just needs but expectations ‚Äî often unrealistic

08:57:41     From Diane Skidmore : Partly starts with education and parenting Kat - see Kurt's info re Diane Tillman

08:57:46     From Davidson Akhonya : Glad to be here with all of you. <Davidson in Kenya>

08:58:22     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : and Riane Eisler identify child-rearing as key

08:58:31     From Hhamish Gordon  To  All Panelists : total spectrum domination is the US goal for the 21st century!! good luck with that goal

08:58:36     From rajinder  To  All Panelists : Biden is asleep or sleep walking or what did I just say, wait .. was it my time to speak """" lol

08:58:38     From Diane Skidmore : Hello Davidson in Kenya!! Glad you're here!! The more (and the further afield) the better!!!

08:58:44     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : Might makes right is the foundational issue.

08:59:05     From rajinder : Biden is asleep or sleep walking or what did I just say, wait .. was it my time to speak """" lol

08:59:07     From Kat Haber : Obama had advocated for $1.5 trillion to modernize our nuclear arsenal.

08:59:22     From rajinder : "Biden is not a peace guy" - Anderson

08:59:31     From Susan H-W : True that Austin is a super military guy.

09:00:07     From Diane Skidmore : Time for a WHOLE NEW POLITICAL WAY!!!

09:00:10     From rajinder : nuclear weapons are the end game plan for one and all.

09:00:29     From Sarita Patel : Politicians are typically actors who read off teleprompters.

09:00:40     From Kurt Krueger, : For the Social, political, educational, ideas are explored in the Peace LAB's developing page - Check it out, join us in finding the Philosopher's Stone for Peace! Together we succeed. :)

09:00:42     From Jean Stevens : Glen's talk is what we should be hearing in all new media and the majority of politicians.  World Beyond War has a class right now on War Abolltion 101.  They are doing a great job of creating a global peace education.  One of the facilitators is a professor in Iran.  Nuclear weapons are our #1 existential crisis and no one is talking about it!  $billions going for the "modernization" of weapons of mass destruction.  We are all at great risk.  Plus, a new surge of interest in nuclear power plants while San Onofre in Southern California is a Fukushima waiting to happen.

09:00:46     From Susan H-W : MAD Mutually Assured Destruction -- this is supposed to be the deterrent???

09:00:48     From rajinder : +1 sanita

09:01:24     From Sondra Doe  To  All Panelists : Biden gov't is getting more money from South Korea than the previous administration for the purpose of maintaining the American military in Korea.  Koreans want the American troops out of Korea!!

09:01:35     From rajinder : the enemy will hack the TelePrompTer and start a war

09:01:40     From Angie Azur : This is all an illusion of control - there is no control - no matter how many weapons there are!. we must wake up from the illusion and start seeing each other. Starts with kindness to self. Seeing the self. Then radiates out from there!.as long as we continue to believe this illusion: War = Peace / Weapons = Safety we will not shift the frequency. Who is ready to give up this illusion?

09:01:50     From Kat Haber : Nuclear may be existential threat now. What about newer, more awful weapons that might be controlled by AI, or other tech terrors? We must have a change in thinking before a terrible accident happens!

09:01:52     From Shannon McArthur : +1 Sarita

09:01:56     From Sheena Koyama  To  All Panelists : How about progressive new congress people like AOC, Cory Bush, who really try to make the world a better place?  What do you say about them?

09:02:02     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : World Beyond War is very good!

09:02:06     From Diane Skidmore : That's why the Dept of Defence needs to mutate into a Department of Peace. How to grow and create peace. And love actually!!!

09:02:18     From Shannon McArthur : +1 Diane!!!

09:02:30     From Karmen Poropat Melocco  To  All Panelists : One strong and most destructive motivation of all nations in order to go to war has been GREED.

09:02:45     From Kat Haber : Yes, profound change in ethical thinking.

09:02:47     From Shannon McArthur : Peace! best idea ever

09:02:51     From Diane Skidmore : Us folks organise!!! Yes!!! That's why we're here!!

09:03:04     From Shannon McArthur : We ARE US!.

09:03:22     From Diane Skidmore : (Or that's what I thought I was joining in with. Organised peace and love!!!)

09:03:26     From Richard Buckley  To  Glen Anderson(privately) : Please put in your website and other links.

09:03:42     From Shannon McArthur : I'm with you, Diane!

09:03:58     From Kat Haber : Thanks, Glen for connecting the Russia/America nuclear negotiations dots. Can we prevent nuclear war? ::

09:04:05     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Every "secret awful" weapon can be used against us! that's been the story with all our invention so far. Spys and selling to others leads to the "enemies" having the weapons. Ironically, i Afghanistan, Kristoff says the US is arming all sides, not intentionally

09:04:18     From Diane Skidmore : I am you and you are me and we are us Shannon!! <3 <3 <3 Love Love Love xxx

09:04:29     From Richard Buckley  To  Glen Anderson(privately) : I will put it in.

09:05:13     From Richard Buckley : For more information you can reach me at

09:05:15     From Shannon McArthur : I like the result of playing with the capitals when "We ARE US" happened!  we really are, you know!

09:05:18     From Sarita Patel : We don't even really know if those photos taken when man landed on the moon- weren't created in a studio set. I've been looking at all of our history that came thru media and it's looking - like a big joke on us. üò¢

09:05:32     From Kat Haber : Pursuing peace must be hydra of incredible speed. Long held prejudices, hates, fears are profound barriers to peace.

09:05:54     From Diane Skidmore : Yes indeedy Shannon xxx

09:06:42     From Richard Buckley : For more information you can reach me at

09:06:52     From Diane Skidmore : There's a lot of togetherness being seeded!!

09:06:57     From Sarita Patel : PAY to PLAY has reached its tipping point. We can't afford any more McMansions and private jets.

09:07:01     From Shannon McArthur : Sarita, people have /own rocks from the Moon. It happened, against prophetic advice. It is one  of the things that pushed the envelope of safety. We have been a rambunctious Child.

09:07:03     From Diane Skidmore : Thank goodness

09:07:05     From Kat Haber : Multiple paths personally, pick a path and go! Bring others with us. WE are the ones, this is the moment, wherever we are is where we begin.

09:07:21     From franka : what are the 3 real enemies: Poverty, Militarism and x? accounting to whom?

09:07:44     From Diane Skidmore : Franka - Fear!!!

09:07:51     From Jean Stevens : The UN Declaration of Universal Rights should be taught in all schools and used by all politicians. This is a great short film to further that cause:  ::

09:08:01     From Shannon McArthur : yes, Franka, Diane!!

09:08:30     From Jean Stevens : The UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights!

09:08:31     From Mary Thorp  To  All Panelists : I hold dear Buckminster Fuller's simple statement of going from a you OR me world to a you AND me world. It's a fundamental abstraction we've lived in since the beginning of time.

I start in my own world where I'm a leader. Each one of us is a leader in our world. That makes us each a world leader.

09:08:41     From Angie Azur : The predator within is the enemy - it tears apart the self and then the self lashes out at others out of fear

09:08:44     From Sarita Patel : - Shannon- yes. I have a Rock from the moon too. So I know we got there.  It just seems like the story may have been edited.   I have no proof. It's just a feeling that it's a part of the suck into news

09:08:47     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Racism, Franka.  Check out the current manifestation of MLK's effort ::  Their work is prophetic

09:08:59     From rajinder : happy day to all. gotta go. peace and love is raining even in the midst of conflict. big up and love ‚ù§Ô∏è

09:08:59     From Diane Skidmore : Starting with the Treaty of Rome? (Is that right?)

09:09:14     From Shannon McArthur : and Jean, the Doctrine of Discovery should be  repealed and apologies made - studies of how reparations could be provided  is important

09:09:23     From Susan H-W : Yes to the UN Declaration of Human Rights

09:09:39     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : ::  has great materials for schools

09:09:52     From Diane Skidmore : We just left hahaha (UK - just left) - so we can 'bond' with the US - yuk xxx

09:10:01     From Jean Stevens : International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons with lots of information at

09:10:22     From Shannon McArthur : Thanks, Jean!

09:10:24     From Jean Stevens :     sorry typo above

09:10:36     From Susan H-W : Thank you, Glen Anderson, and panelists. A very rich, promising conversation, indeed. Peace out...

09:10:38     From Kat Haber : 54 nations treaty on banning nuclear weapons. Global South nations tired of being bullied. Several WE Rotarians and our satellite club have been working on getting this sufficiently signed/supported.

09:10:59     From Shannon McArthur : thank you Kat!!

09:11:22     From Kat Haber : ::

09:11:56     From Shannon McArthur : Kat, please bring this to the AfterChat!

09:12:31     From Jean Stevens : Yes, the Rotarians have over a million members and the upcoming president of the Rotarians, Shekar Mehta is a nuclear abolitionists!!!  This organization will soon hopefully be a force for real global change.

09:13:00     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Abolition is an important aspiration ‚Äî of nukes and of war!

09:13:16     From Leo Jacoby  To  All Panelists : :: offers an online free course

09:13:25     From Kat Haber : strategic invitations!ESG's may be a path of linking corp ops with human needs

09:13:33     From Richard Buckley : For more information you can reach me at

09:13:56     From Sarita Patel : Thank you!   So powerful in the need foe truth and consciousness!   Truly remarkable.

09:14:01     From Kat Haber : Shannon, in another zoom now!Thank you, Glen for your thought provoking presentation!

09:14:19     From AMY A BLUMENSHINE : Also Physicians for Social Responsibility ::  We must prevent what we cannot cure

09:14:22     From Diane Skidmore : Thank you very much Glen. Inspiring!!!

09:14:26     From Rachel Root : Thank you Glen

09:14:43     From Angie Azur : Thank, Glen!

09:14:44     From Diane Skidmore : Ahaaaa Kat - you were referring to a 'real' thing xxx

09:14:44     From Shannon McArthur : thanks Kat,  we'll talk on without  you! until you're back  with us again!

09:14:46     From Hhamish Gordon  To  All Panelists : the US has become a rogue national over the last century!!

09:15:00     From Kathryn Alexander, MA : Jim will you have Bob Stilger on talk about his work there?

09:15:00     From Geraldine Bridges  To  All Panelists : Thanks, Glen.

09:15:05     From Diane Skidmore : I was not aware!!

09:15:15     From Richard Buckley  To  Stanley Pokras Pokras and  All Panelists : After chat today?

09:15:24     From Angie Azur : Remember MAYA!

09:15:49     From Shannon McArthur : I do - and will. thank you, Angie. Tragedy.

09:16:09     From Shannon McArthur : Stan?

09:16:11     From Jean Stevens : Yesterday an important hearing was held on the San Onofre Generating Station with the NRC.  There are so many tons of canisters 100 feet from the ocean.  One canister could cause a Chernobyl event.

09:16:18     From Davidson Akhonya : Thank you Glen for the inspiring presentation. This is something I can use in Africa. Can you email the presentation to me:

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