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Humanity Rising Day 169 After Chat

  • Date: Monday January 25, 2021
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Chat from AfterChat Zoom from HR Day 169:

00:19:42    Daniel R:   I need to leave be back briefly, I hope

00:22:11    sallyannett:      hippies1

00:22:24    Julie Wolf: my mom guided me

00:27:51    sallyannett:      by-`oom

00:27:57    sallyannett:      zoom

00:28:09    Shannon McArthur: ahhh!  ya

00:29:39    Liliane Mavridara:      All in the name of research!!!

00:30:34    Daniel R:   we are reborn everyday, every moment, accept, exhale

00:31:10    Shannon McArthur: aho, Daniel, and the past is the foundation we push off fromΓǪ

00:31:44    Daniel R:   and the future Shannon, A/Hoooo

00:32:48    Connie Baxter Marlow:   ItΓÇÖs an evolutionary upward spiral.

00:32:49    sallyannett:      please-pull-overc

00:32:51    sallyannett:      x

00:33:35    sallyannett:      phewxxx

00:34:33    Kala Perkins:     At brief thought: Death of the identity consciousness attached to limited transient identities; emergence to an identity consciousness of a dynamic eternity

00:35:01    Connie Baxter Marlow:   The American Dream is our birthright - Liberty, Justice, Equality, Abundance for All! - A given in higher frequencies. We are shifting into higher frequencies where the laws are expanded and there is more beauty, balance, joy and abundance than we can fathom!

00:35:58    sallyannett:      oh-yes

00:36:01    Connie Baxter Marlow:   TRUST THE LOVING UNIVERSE!!!

00:36:17    MALINI Rajendran: again that is based on a lot of western culture.

00:37:15    Connie Baxter Marlow:   ItΓÇÖs a Conscious Loving Universe! Get the eBook ΓÇ£THE CONSCIOUS LOVING UNIVERSE: A GuidebookΓÇ¥

00:38:07    MALINI Rajendran: Liberty, Justice, Equality, Abundance for All is the birthright of all humanity and mother earth,

00:38:26    Leo Jacoby: Titles of two books by Tarnas intimate a development in his thought: The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View; and Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View.

00:39:22    sallyannett:      agreed

00:39:58    MALINI Rajendran: ubuntu is one of the perfect ways to transition into a new world.

00:41:34    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Malini - say more

00:43:09    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   is there another word for vault?  I'm struggling to envision my vault

00:43:23    Julie Wolf: I like your use of the word "Newness" Roger.

00:44:10    Kurt Krueger:     Connie, Thanks for the link. :)

00:44:54    Jean Stevens:     Climate change and the Treaty for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons is the core of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights right now.

00:45:04    Julie Wolf: Roger appreciates the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"

00:46:01    Connie Baxter Marlow:   We wonΓÇÖt need a declaration of human rights where we are headed. They will be givens.

00:46:11    Julie Wolf: What is it to be human?

00:47:22    MALINI Rajendran:

00:47:40    sallyannett:      andΓǪΓÇ⌐othernetworks/orgΓǪstan

00:51:47    Marcia Raff:      Kurt, thank you for showing the Peace Lab Logo ..made my heart leap to see it!

00:52:07    Roger W.:   thank you for the invitation. everyone is welcome to email me:

00:54:00    Marcia Raff:      Daniel can give us his definition

00:54:11    Liliane Mavridara:      Shaman as used in English, will have a different name/word within each specific tribe, whether from Africa, Asia, S. America or the rest of the Western world.

00:55:25    sallyannett:      max-dashΓÇÖs-suppressed-histories.archives

00:55:50    sallyannett:      shehas-a-lots-to-say-about-shamen

00:56:39    Julie Wolf: Oxford Language:



Learn to pronounce


a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.

00:56:59    David StoneyΓÇÖs iPhone: Sorry, I have to leave. Thanks to all

00:57:16    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  bye DavidΓǪ

00:57:43    Leo Jacoby: Shaman commitment to the WHOLE just as "intellectus"...

I've been reading Leisure, the Basis of Culture (1948) by Josef Pieper. He recalls the medieval distinction: "ratio and intellectus. Ratio refers to discursive, investigative, analytical, reasoning. The intellectus, on the other hand, was the ability of ΓÇ£simply lookingΓÇ¥ at truth in the same way we look at a landscape.

"The ancients understood that all knowing involves both sides of the intellect. They understood this because they recognized that knowing is a spiritual act, a truth that moderns deny. They taught that the logical activity of the reasoning mind must be accompanied by the receptive penetration of the intuitive mind." (<

00:59:49    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   The Earth Charter will give "right" to all living things!

00:59:58    MALINI Rajendran: The Three fundamental values of UBUNTU openness love and compassion

01:00:12    Julie Wolf:


Shamanism is a system of religious practice.[37] Historically, it is often associated with indigenous and tribal societies, and involves belief that shamans, with a connection to the otherworld, have the power to heal the sick, communicate with spirits, and escort souls of the dead to the afterlife. It is an ideology that used to be widely practiced in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa. It centered on the belief in supernatural phenomenon such as the world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits.[38]

Despite structural implications of colonialism and imperialism that have limited the ability of indigenous peoples to practice traditional spiritualities, many communities are undergoing resurgence through self-determination[39] and the reclamation of dynamic traditions.[40] Other groups have been able to avoid some of these structural impediments by virtue of their isolation, such as the nomadic Tuvan (with an estimated population of 3000 p

01:00:47    Julie Wolf: Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits which affect the lives of the living.[45] Although the causes of disease lie in the spiritual realm, inspired by malicious spirits, both spiritual and physical methods are used to heal.

01:01:04    MALINI Rajendran: openness is inclusive. I am because we are.

01:02:25    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   ShamanΓÇÖ Come From?

‘Shaman’ is a Western word derived from Northern Asia – its origins shrouded in lost oral traditions. The sense of the word is timeless, reaching back tens of thousands of years and spanning the globe in every language.

Shaman of the Sayan Mountains, Northern Mongolia (Picture: Alexander Nikolsky)

Europeans first acquired the term for shaman from Russia in the 1690s. During the mid-to-late 17th century, Russian-Cossack explorers and conquerers heard and recorded

the word ‘saman’ from the Evanki tribe, a Tungus-speaking people of Siberian Russia. 

01:02:42    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Malini - I love that - it brings in community - that we cannot evolve - grow without others.

01:06:35    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   Charlie, Native Americans need access to their sacred sites in North America, too !!! Still !!!

01:07:13    sallyannett:

01:07:29    Connie Baxter Marlow:   Trust the Process!!

01:07:49    Julie Wolf: Book: Chaco Canyon - by our Charles Bensinger - Harmonic Cponvergence 1987

01:08:04    Julie Wolf: ^convergence

01:08:11    sallyannett:      thanks-juliex

01:08:21    Connie Baxter Marlow:   Hang out with the visionary Indigenous Elders now - they know itΓÇÖs happening now!!

01:08:25    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Maybe the younger souls are terrified of the old soul experience - we are asking them to jump centuries of experience.

01:08:54    Connie Baxter Marlow:   There is no ΓÇ£they."

01:09:10    MALINI Rajendran: no the newage was not hijacked. It was a process of evolution. The cosmic energies were not ready for the shift. It is a process. The newage was still in the mind and intellect and now we are shifting into the heart.

01:09:25    sallyannett:      spot-on-shannon-aethernet

01:09:53    Julie Wolf: or possably moving form Heart to mind

01:10:17    Jean Stevens:     Thank you everyone.  The panel discussion today was extraordinary.  I also appreciated the recap chat.  I need to leave for another zoom on Yemen and peace.  Lots of zooms today, earlier, at the same time as Humanity Rising panel, the UN 2020 for the new UN Treaty for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons.  I hope that the spirit of Esalen will return in a powerful new form to help us during these dangerous times.  Peace to all.

01:10:23    Connie Baxter Marlow:   We are in training by Zoom to hook up to the Unified Field - cell phones were a big step - Zoom is the next!

01:11:31    Liliane Mavridara:      refinement

01:11:52    Connie Baxter Marlow:   The evolutionary upward spiral!

01:12:03    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   didn't we see SOME of the the results in the development of the Earth Charter ? and on  1.21.2021 with a woman of color as VP?  and appointment of a Native American Woman as Secretary of the Interior  ?   step by step

01:12:28    Shannon McArthur: yes, RuthAnn

01:12:38    Julie Wolf: Its all souls time on Earth! Nows it the time of real change and transition. This is why there are 7.7 Billion soon to be many more! Time to Play!  time to evolve

01:13:13    Julie Wolf: old and new souls, all here now with al of us.

01:13:52    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   view point of the mind vs  Γ¥ñ

01:14:03    Connie Baxter Marlow:   Love it Malini!! ItΓÇÖs all FREE WILL choice!

01:14:48    Liliane Mavridara:      We are playing a glorious symphony!

01:15:12    sallyannett:      malini-is-on-fire-today-xxxx

01:15:16    Conscious Contact:      The ≡ƒòèGuest ≡ƒ½Ç≡ƒöÑ ΓÇöΓÇöΓÇöΓÇöΓÇöΓÇöΓÇöΓÇöΓÇö-  The guest is inside you, and also inside me; you know the sprout is hidden inside the seed. We are all struggling; none of us has gone far. Let your arrogance go, and look around inside.  The blue sky opens out farther and farther, the daily sense of failure goes away, the damage I have done to myself fades, a million suns come forward with light, when I sit firmly in that world.  I hear bells ringing that no one has shaken, inside "love" there is more joy than we know of, rain pours down, although the sky is clear of clouds, there are whole rivers of light. The universe is shot through in all parts by a single sort of love. How hard it is to feel that joy in all our four bodies! Those who hope to be reasonable about it fail. The arrogance of reason has separated us from that love. With the word "reason" you already feel miles away.  Kabir, The Kabir Book: Forty-four of the Ecstatic Love Poems of Kabir

01:15:22    Kala Perkins:     Michael Murphy - The great work that lies before us... in a universal sense

01:16:02    Shannon McArthur: hi, Kala! nice to see your voice!

01:16:13    Liliane Mavridara:      Who is "conscious contact?"

01:17:50    Connie Baxter Marlow:   You all are mentioning all of our 10 Assumptions in our book ΓÇ£THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Ten Assumptions for a New ParadigmΓÇ¥!! Our ebook is an intro to the book. eBook is free!

01:18:39    Shannon McArthur: Yes, Connie, we know the  material! Happy to hear itΓÇÖs been written so others can learn

01:20:22    Kala Perkins:     We are entering a great blessing with this new administration , to restore the vision; the great stirring brought the darkness up and exposed it. Now we need to move full speed toward the s

01:20:30    Kala Perkins:     Spirit

01:21:00    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   my children believe the are witnessing this human species going extinct as a curious experience ... hope that  humanity will step aside and allow All Life to rise together ... is a slim chance ... especially since only the privileged few are connected enough to learn nontoxic living

01:22:08    MALINI Rajendran: got to go need to be in on another call.

01:22:29    Suzanne Marie:    Charlie...I was at Chaco for HC via Mt. Shasta so would like to get your book... was it ΓÇ£Chaco JourneyΓÇ¥?

01:22:30    Marcia Raff:      bye Malini

01:22:35    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   THANK TOU, Melanie!!!

01:22:43    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   Milani!

01:22:45    Liliane Mavridara:      Have to leave Loves, see you soon <3

01:22:50    sallyannett:      bye-malini

01:23:00    Kurt Krueger:     CU you loves, manana

01:23:00    sallyannett:      byxliliane

01:23:02    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Bye Liliane!!!

01:23:03    Conscious Contact:      Love, Love, Love≡ƒÅ│∩╕Å≡ƒÖî≡ƒ½Ç≡ƒºÅΓÇìΓÖé∩╕ÅTrust-Gotta go Thank-You All≡ƒÉ¥Γÿ¥∩╕Å≡ƒî¼≡ƒÆâ≡ƒÆâ≡ƒÅ╗≡ƒî╣≡ƒÆ¿≡ƒÖÅ≡ƒÖî≡ƒÅ│∩╕Å≡ƒòè

01:24:06    Connie Baxter Marlow:   The good thing all this we are speaking of is our true nature and the true nature of the Universe. We just have to choose to align with it - walk in total trust of a conscious loving universe - shifts our frequency/vibration to higher realities.

01:24:32    Charlie Bensinger:      ΓÇ£Chaco JourneyΓÇ¥ is available at

01:24:48    sallyannett:      thank-you-charlie

01:25:05    Marcia Raff:      IΓÇÖm going to get it ΓǪhope tΓÇÖs in an e book.

01:25:13    Charlie Bensinger:      Accessing the spiritual/New Age info was far more affordable in the 70s

01:25:20    Suzanne Marie:    ≡ƒæìTY

01:26:19    Kala Perkins:     Beautiful sharing Shannon

01:26:38    Shannon McArthur: ;) <3

01:27:06    Connie Baxter Marlow:   We create reality with the power of our consciousness. Here are 7 Aspects of our consciousness that create our vibratory level/frequency and thereby our reality:

ΓÇ£With expanded AWARENESS and accurate ASSUMPTIONS, we choose our ATTITUDE, consciously direct our ATTENTION, ALIGN with our highest inner promptings, take committed ACTION and ALLOW the Loving Universe to manifest beyond our wildest dreams.ΓÇ¥

01:28:06    Connie Baxter Marlow:   Gotta run! It was great fun!! Thank you all!! XXOO

01:28:33    Shannon McArthur: thank you all for making it to this point!!!

01:29:04    sallyannett:      i-love-marcias-new-picture

01:29:46    Marcia Raff:      Thank you SallyΓǪdid you see it says: Yesterday, when I was young!

01:30:12    sallyannett:      no-youlookjustthesamexxx-glorious

01:30:29    Shannon McArthur: thatΓÇÖs what I see, Sally

01:30:32    Marcia Raff:      xxooΓÇÖs

01:31:05    Kala Perkins:     We also need to remember that we are the youth of some tomorrow!

01:31:11    Marcia Raff:      What a fantastic session todayΓǪ thank you to everyone!

01:31:12    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   Natives American Oklevueha has legal permission to accompany people on vision quests and healing quests .... but are disconnected from much research or support.  consider collaborating !

01:31:42    Julie Wolf: Kala - yes. I will be back until the "job" is done.

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