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Humanity Rising Day 114 Chat Page

Text of the Zoom Chat from HR Day 114:

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:03 AM) Happy Monday everyone!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:04 AM) Good morning, Liliane, and everyone! please change your To to include attendees… (as I notice I have to change mine! From: Sharon Truax (11:05 AM) Thank you Shannon. Good morning and wellbeing to you!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:05 AM)

From: Raquel Torrent (11:06 AM) Thank you Jim and Ed !!!

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:06 AM) Wonderful to have you back Ed!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:09 AM) HI Everyone. Another great day begins xxx

From: Hugo Araujo (11:10 AM) Hi everyone… happy to be here = From: Raquel Torrent (11:10 AM) Hi everyone, Good to see you again !!!

From: Stuart Cowan (11:10 AM) You can participate in shaping the future of regenerative education on this document: The panelists this week will be monitoring this Google Doc for ideas

From: Raquel Torrent (11:11 AM) Thank you Stuart

From: Diane Skidmore (11:13 AM) Feel to say , to lead into or as part of that dreAM), I think we need to understand how we got here. Yes, there were many mean and nasty bits but - we need to forgive our forefathers and include our future grandmothers (and other assorted life forces.) We need to be aware that the previous world adventurers could never imagine or picture the planet as a whole but - our future success depends on a better understanding go how it all works. Every atom, every person, every living being is important. Let's share and spread love!!!

  • of not how

From: Raquel Torrent (11:14 AM) I want to créate a better future !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:14 AM) typos - door knocking grrrr

From: Paul Coleman (11:14 AM) I was just reading this wonderful article on the wisdom of ancient European agriculture, still in use in a few places.

From: Raquel Torrent (11:15 AM) Thank you Paul

From: Paul Coleman (11:16 AM) @Raquek: My pleasure.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:16 AM) Brill - Nature does not need us. We need nature. Phew!!!

From: Raquel Torrent (11:16 AM) And now that we know the HOW (if we ever get to INTEGRATE the diverse perspectives of the how) do we have the MEANS to do it?

From: Paul Coleman (11:17 AM) I'll be speaking on Zoom tonight to students at the University of Sydney about this subject and will share the link to today's talk.

From: Raquel Torrent (11:17 AM) Send the link, Paul, please

From: Diane Skidmore (11:17 AM) @Raquel. Yes. And @ Paul - Brilliant!!

From: Sharon Truax (11:18 AM) Thank you Edward...…..

From: Diane Skidmore (11:19 AM) And @Ed!! Yes. Evolution. It's happening!! Thank goodness!! And thank you again - just like last time you were here - valuable slides and talk. Brilliant!! Yes. Let's LEAP!!

From: Paul Coleman (11:19 AM) @Raquel: I will see what I can do. If I can't share th live link. I will share the recording.

From: Raquel Torrent (11:20 AM) Ok, Paul, thank you.

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:20 AM) for al those intrested, The most incredible analysis to understand what Covid as all about

From: Raquel Torrent (11:21 AM) Very well thought, felt and presented ED, THANK YOU !!!

From: Julian Wong (11:22 AM) Maori doughnut:

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:22 AM) All of that on the feminine was missing fro Fiday’s presentation.

From: Raquel Torrent (11:24 AM) YES !!! I LOVE THIS !!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:26 AM) thank you Ed!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:27 AM) YAY Edward!!!!!! thank you SO much!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:27 AM) good morning Karen!

From: Sharon Truax (11:27 AM) Thank You Edward......beautiful and doable

From: Diane Sue (11:27 AM) Wonderful overview, Ed! Thank you!

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:28 AM) I AM) all in! <3

From: Jen Forti (11:29 AM) Blessings From: Portland, OR everyone <3 I’m so excited about these next 5 days!

From: Hugo Araujo (11:29 AM)

  1. regen #bouncebeyond

From: Raquel Torrent (11:29 AM) YES !!! It sounds wonderful !!! Thanks for it, I'm also in Lilliane !!! We have not seeen that link that Karen was talking about !!!

From: Stuart Cowan (11:30 AM) Here is the link for the Google Doc to share:

From: Hugo Araujo (11:30 AM) Here is the link to the « live vortexing » which a visual representation of our collective conversation please play around whenever you want or watch it changing over time

From: Raquel Torrent (11:30 AM) Thank you !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:30 AM) Thank you All!! Wonderful. A Way forward!!

From: Stuart Cowan (11:30 AM) If you like Twitter please use #regen #bouncebeyond

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:30 AM) @Hugo, I remember the 7 vortex

From: Sharon Truax (11:31 AM) no place to go, nothing to do, but be here now.

From: Hugo Araujo (11:31 AM) Hey… yes! Happy to meet again… hope I can weave something beautiful for everyone =Holding space together = From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:38 AM) I love Steiner - My kinds went there. - Past life connections too

From: MALINI Rajendran (11:39 AM) We sacrificed nurturing the right to ask questiona and to question every thing,

From: Me (11:43 AM) Patriarchal power systems exist because we let them.

From: Me (11:44 AM) . ..oOo..
Dear Chat PEOPLE and panelists
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting after this session closes. 
You can join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 810 4561 3451
Passcode: 919541


We also have an email list for Chat People to interact without being on at the sAM)e time. Write to be added to the list:

. ..oOo..

From: Shannon McArthur (11:44 AM) We will not harness Mother Earth or Her energy - if we do not learn to weave with Her, we will not survive.

From: Raquel Torrent (11:44 AM) I felt the pain for having lost the Femenine principle in the Politics of all Governements !!! It made me cry Ç!!!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:45 AM) @Stan - and now we realise it - we're moving on hahaha (with love o' course) xxx

From: Diane Skidmore (11:46 AM) NZ - SO impressive - now including indigenous ideas Gosh! So wise for a young person!! Lovely! Inspiring!! Already!! Global transformation!! Yes

From: Shannon McArthur (11:49 AM) none of our ideas are ‘perfect’ - i love that Kate’s model is modified by indigenous wisdom.

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:50 AM) @Shannon, enriched perhaps?

From: Diane Skidmore (11:50 AM) @Shannon Yes!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:50 AM) Liliane, yes!

From: Helen Helen (11:50 AM) Good morning Aotearoa, its still night here in Dili, haven't been to sleep yet its past midnight, I wish I could stay for all this but will probably fall asleep.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:50 AM) And @Liliane Even more Yes!!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:51 AM) The Maori Donut is SO sweet!!!

From: Raquel Torrent (11:51 AM) Yes !!! Women in Politics and mainly youngsters in 60% in 40% elders !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:51 AM) Good luck @Helen - you might just be energised!!!

From: Shannon McArthur (11:51 AM) Dear Helen, it’s ok to sleep. The tech will hold the recording and the line will be held by us… we are One.

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:51 AM) @Eduard, this is key what you are describing now.

From: Diane Skidmore (11:52 AM) (Plus - wisdom From: Shannon - sleep freely xxx From: MALINI Rajendran (11:53 AM) Food for thought, to quote:"pandemic" -- provocatively to be recognized as an "epidemic of panic". From: this perspective, what is the degree of panic that causes an epidemic to be refrAM)ed as a pandemic? AM)azing anagrAM)!!

From: Liliane Mavridara (11:54 AM) What is the link to that?

From: Raquel Torrent (11:54 AM) Absolutely !!! The measurement systems to measure knowledge are obsolter !!! And it is because it doesn't have in account the "types " of inner wisdom and neither the wisdom of Nature !!!

From: Leo Jacoby (11:55 AM) Eduard: "We are very arrogant From: the West. We think we know the answers but we don't know the questions. 1) We are part of nature; 2) "conserve" and "use" are one concept. University departments that don't dialogue with one another; reductionism; standard methods that are not interdiscipinary. Put Mother Earth at the center -- we are inseparable in a regenerative approach."

From: Raquel Torrent (11:55 AM) Yes, what is that link, please?

From: Shannon McArthur (11:55 AM) I leave this in Your capable hands and heart. My son with my granddaughter is calling - I look forward to Chat-People’s after-party in Stan’s Zoom Room. Bless you all in your good work.

From: ChangJi (DDMBA) (11:55 AM) Thank you Leo for the notes!!!

From: Diane Skidmore (11:56 AM) @Malini - had to not answer as - listening to Ed as - fear? No thank you xxx People panic equals fear. Solution is love. Maybe that's the answer. We don't need a vaccine - we need more LOVE!!!

From: lynne yeannakis (11:58 AM) please post the Maori donut link

From: Ryah Chandler (11:59 AM)

From: Karen Downes (11:59 AM)

From: Raquel Torrent (11:59 AM) Thanks a lot for the link

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (11:59 AM) Blessed Indigenous People’s Day, everyone! Here in Minneapolis we greeted the dawn with ritual at the newly renAM)ed lake Bde Makaska (The lake had formerly carried the nAM)e of a white supremacist.) In the US, this day has been celebrated as Columbus Day, but is now reclaimed in Minneapolis officially and by the governor of our state of Minnesota as Indigenous People’s Day – as we deal with appreciating indigenous perspectives and grapple with the legacy of colonialism. The ceremony included our Lt.Governor who identifies as indigenous and current and former city leaders as well as indigenous spiritual guides. Around us, the trees are in glorious fall foliage reminding us of the egregious beauty of our “natural” world.

From: Ryah Chandler (11:59 AM) A link for the Maori Doughnut everyone : From: Diane Skidmore (11:59 AM) Oooooooh Yes!! A shift!! Life is not about getting a job? Life is about more than money. first - Universal basic income so - people can play with each other. Create!! Stop shopping. big change. Yes please.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (11:59 AM) Ryan - see above

From: Sandra Waddock (12:00 PM

From: Noemí Moreno (12:00 PM And feminist economics

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:00 PM @AM)y, I "saw" you last week at the Bakken wellbeing series. ; From: Leo Jacoby (12:01 PM SLIDE: Next Economies' Shared Values l 1. Stewardship of the Whole Valuing Places and Cultures 2. Optimizing Collective Value Enabling Local Initiative 3. Respecfful Collaborative Governance Through Polycentricity, with Cosmopolitan-Localism Impact 4. Learning From: Nature Regenerativity and,Reciprocity 5. "All MY Relations" Relationships with Others & Nature: All is Connected 6. Equitable & Accessible Money, Markets, and Trade

1 Waddock„ Sandra. 2020. "RefrAM)ing and Transforming Economics around Life." Sustainability Sept. 14

From: Sandra Waddock (12:02 PM Paper is open access, Sandra Waddock: RefrAM)ing and Transforming Economics around Life. Sustainability, September 2020, 12, 7553; DOI: 10.3390/su12187553,

From: Noemí Moreno (12:02 PM Thanks Sandra!

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:02 PM @sandra - great that you are here too - thanks for new book (Marilyn/Integral City From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:02 PM YAY Leo!!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:03 PM Thanks sooo much Leo - this talk is really good and a copy of his words - great!!

From: Leo Jacoby (12:03 PM SLIDE: The "How" Question... • Transformation requires SCALE... - niches are easily snuffed out • Transformation is COMPLEX... - many moving parts, feedback loops • Transformation is UNPREDICTABLE... - we don't really know what's needed

From: Beth Brownfield (12:03 PM can we get a link to the Bounce beyond illustration just explained?

From: Raquel Torrent (12:04 PM Thank you Leo

From: Sandra Waddock (12:04 PM It's here (and being updated shortly):

From: Raquel Torrent (12:04 PM Thank you Sandra

From: Diane Skidmore (12:04 PM Thanks fo rth elink!!! Brill xxx Oooops - Thanks for the link @Sandra : From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:06 PM curious if Integral City Beyond Smart and Beyond Resilient courses could belong in the Bounce Beyond??

From: Raquel Torrent (12:07 PM I'm sure that the answer is YES !!! iNTEGRAL CITY it's one of the ways to changing Economy and the contrary !!!

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:08 PM @Raquel - appreciate your enthusiasm :- From: Leo Jacoby (12:08 PM SLIDE: Crossing the chasm requires addressing two impediments: • Weak collective understanding of, and identified priorities for, crossing the chasm. • Lack of coherence of effort and infrastructure to work collaboratively at scale.

From: Me (12:08 PM The ChatPeople are working to catalog and index the people and projects working to improve the world. We have a service called that will allow multiple people to contribute their knowledge of what they are doing and what the people they know are doing. The idea is inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog of the 60's and 70's. It can be used to organize and share information about the Bounce Beyond initiative.

From: Raquel Torrent (12:09 PM My pleasure Marilyn !!! I just believe in IC as I see it loooogical !!!

From: Sandra Waddock (12:09 PM Yes, Leo, the idea of narrative cohesion is vital, as is connecting now fragmented initiatives.

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:09 PM need to tell stories TO the future

From: Diane Skidmore (12:11 PM @marilyn - stories that show how we moved From: the past, through the present to the future - providing understanding (with a chance for forgiveness - a way out of trauma) and learning all the way!

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:13 PM @Diane --- need to imagine we are standing in future and re-membering how we arrived there 3 horizons great model to imagine future

From: Leo Jacoby (12:14 PM Shift: Education and the Feminine We need: 1. Collaboration and Co-creation 2. Deep listening with empathy 3. Improving our systems for all, not gAM)ing them for the few 4. Natural systems approach — biomimicry 5. Working with complexity and the uncertainty it generates 6. Healing 7. Different ways of knowing / indigenous wisdom 8. Future Consciousness 9. MetAM)orphosis

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:14 PM @Liliane, Are you in MN? Dou you know of Doughnut implementers here?

From: Raquel Torrent (12:15 PM Thank you for seeing this becaues the H3 is only OURS NOW !!!

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:15 PM @AM)y, @ Liliane: my question exactly. A time to mobilize/transform Mpls?

From: Diane Skidmore (12:15 PM @Marilyn. Thank you - was just thinking (as he said it) - how to work together! So ….. 3 Horizons!! Great!! : From: Liliane Mavridara (12:15 PM @AM)y, I AM) not, I AM) just involved with Planetary Health Alliance and the work/education Bakken does. but we can look into it

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:17 PM @Liliane, Thank you!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:18 PM Gosh. Complex but - reeeally interesting!!

From: Raquel Torrent (12:18 PM Superb !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:19 PM Soooo clever!!!

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:19 PM @Ian - love your mindset triangle w 3 Horizon convos

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:19 PM Yes, very helpful diagrAM)s!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:20 PM @Marilyn so - @Ian YES!!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:20 PM So simple (hahaha) and therefore - totally inspiring!!!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:20 PM Ian, Brilliant processes you’ve created for GREAT Collaboration

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:20 PM Very clever integration!

From: Raquel Torrent (12:21 PM Let's pray then for the Positive HORIZIN'S intermingling !!!

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:21 PM Brilliant mindsets diagrAM)s

From: Diane Skidmore (12:21 PM Gosh. finish with a butterfly!!! So relatable!!

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:21 PM @Liliane: Is Bakken center using BounceBeyond?

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:21 PM @Cheryl, don't think so.

From: Sharon Truax (12:21 PM Ian, Thank you for this wonderful work.

From: Shannon McArthur (12:21 PM thank you Ian… my son’s nAM)e is Ian.

From: Raquel Torrent (12:22 PM Thank you Ian !!! Wonderful !!!

From: AM)Y A BLUMENSHINE (12:22 PM @ Cheryl, Are you in MN?

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:22 PM @AM)y: yes. Let’s connect.

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:22 PM @Ian … caught a glimpse of IFF on your slides …. yeaH! Beauifully presented - thanks

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:23 PM @AM)y, @Cheryl, glad to see you are connecting. I thought you already knew each other.

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:23 PM @Liliane: This triangle could be a magnificent tool for Ctr for Planetary Health. I think Mary Jo would love it!

From: Sharon Truax (12:24 PM Thank you Hugo.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:24 PM @Cheryl, let's talk further! ill email you

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:24 PM Yes! My email above. @Liliane

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:25 PM Got it

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:26 PM @Melina -- great questions … I AM) curious if Earth/Nature has evolved us - how might she want us to reflect her??

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:26 PM @Leo can you distill a

From: Crystal (12:26 PM Find workshops to help develop and expand storytelling, embodying and transforming experiences and skills during Expressive Therapies Summit weekends in November Summit Site Link:

Schedule Link:

Rates Link:

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:26 PM List of the horizons? I did not get them

From: Crystal (12:27 PM Type Rising 10 in promotion code during registration for Expressive Therapies Summit to receive a 10 percent discount Rising10

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:28 PM @kathryn - here is link w Bill Sharpe explaining 3H

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:28 PM @Marilyn - thank you!

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:29 PM @Melina, where was that? what country?

From: Raquel Torrent (12:30 PM Coul you please repeat the nAM)e of the plant, Melina?

From: Sharon Truax (12:30 PM Yes, always an individual sense of dying to the old as nature. And metanoia. a change of mind. balance and evolve as it is a planetary thing. Moving beyond loss.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:31 PM @Sharo - lovely!

From: ChangJi (DDMBA) (12:32 PM I didn’t get Ian’s last nAM)e

From: Diane Skidmore (12:32 PM goodness gracious!!! Been telling the council for ages that Japanese knotweed does NOT need to be poisoned with chemicals. We can eat it!!! (as a solution From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:32 PM YAY Diane!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:32 PM @Changli - Ian Kendrick

From: ChangJi (DDMBA) (12:32 PM @Diane - thank you!!!

From: Luis CAM)argo (12:33 PM You can find sightings of Knotweed here

From: Shannon McArthur (12:33 PM Diane - Japanese Napweed or Knotweed?

From: Diane Skidmore (12:33 PM Gosh - complex but simple - aren't we lucky!!! Again!!!

From: Sharon Truax (12:33 PM So do we flourish. It is a personal practice and way of Life. Thank you Melina Angel. I feel so connected to your being.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:33 PM Knotweed @Shannon

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:33 PM How to reverse the situation: reverse these ills:

From: Luis CAM)argo (12:34 PM

  1. reGen #BounceBeyond

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:34 PM Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:34 PM Ghandi…

From: Me (12:34 PM The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) is spearheading a movement at the local, state, national and international level to establish rights for humans and nature over the systems that control them.
They are inventing a new legal frAM)ework for economics, societies and the natural world. A new structure of law focused on protecting people, workers, communities, and the environment. From: ChangJi (DDMBA) (12:35 PM @Malini that is so true and so needed! Love the list!

From: Patriciafaye Marshall (12:36 PM The Presence of GOD!

From: Paul Coleman (12:36 PM Where is the link to the document Melina is talking about now.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:36 PM @Malini - Star - again!!!

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:36 PM @ Kathryn - its attributed to Gandhi but he is not the originator of these seven prinicples. He promoted these concepts in most of his talks,

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:36 PM @Malini - ah

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:37 PM @Paul, Here is the link for the Google Doc to share:

From: Raquel Torrent (12:38 PM Thank you Malini,n I love that list !!!

From: Sharon Truax (12:38 PM Life Education never ends.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:38 PM Absolutely - education not just at school Thank you Thank you Thank you . Education for ALL.

From: Paul Coleman (12:39 PM @Thanks Liliane

From: Raquel Torrent (12:39 PM Yes Shanon, Diane … Education never ends !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:39 PM What type of education? How to understand that WE ARE ALL ONE. One Planet with one piece of energy. Take care of it!!!

From: Me (12:39 PM Please let us see all the presenters in gallery view...

From: Diane Skidmore (12:40 PM How to we re-member our own part in Mother Nature

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:40 PM Pathway to regenerative world…!

From: MALINI Rajendran (12:40 PM @ Kathryn- Im not sure but I suspect this is the various concepts given by Chanakya to the Mauryan Emperor in the rules for administering a kingdom. I also think it is how Chanakya interpreted the bhagwat gita when he was turtoring his protogee Chandragupta maurya

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:41 PM @Malini - very interesting!!!

From: Hugo Araujo (12:41 PM Here is a vortex on ikigai From: our open source

From: Raquel Torrent (12:41 PM YES !!! let's RE-MEMBER Diane !!!

From: Richard Buckley (12:41 PM ALL PANELISTS CAN TURN ON CAM)ERAS

From: Diane Skidmore (12:42 PM @Hugo Thank you - ikigai @Raquel xxxxx

From: Shannon McArthur (12:42 PM love look of 7Vortex!

From: Sharon Truax (12:42 PM Ubiquity U has restored me in the past days with a new way in education.. Regeneration- Self healing in collaboration with Humanity rising. Heart coherence. And all presenters. Thank you for bringing your positive beliefs.

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:43 PM @Sharon: well said!

From: Raquel Torrent (12:43 PM Impressive Ryah !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:43 PM Oooooh Kind AND RESPONSIBLE!!! Big word!!!

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:43 PM @Hugo, what is the connection between 7vortex and Bounce beyond? I missed that.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:44 PM Bohm - thereof emergence

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:44 PM Theory of emergence - Bohem

From: Hugo Araujo (12:44 PM I did a mapping session for Bounce Beyond, I was just unfolding that exercise

From: Kurt Krueger (12:45 PM EDUCATION STARTS EARLY - Here's one of the PRIMARY PREVENTIONS for so many issues of our time. Start early ~ PARENTING is awesomely effective. Read and apply: Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect by Diane Tillman. Have these practices taught is schools…

The Living Values Education ProgrAM): The first two Values instructed are Love and Peace. All the other Values are generated From: these.

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:45 PM @Hugo, thank you

From: Stuart Cowan (12:45 PM David Bohm - Implicate Order and Explicate Order

From: Shannon McArthur (12:45 PM @Eduard, beautiful panel. thank you!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:45 PM Ian - I LOVE your playing with words!!!

From: Leo Jacoby (12:45 PM emergence /emergency

From: Diane Skidmore (12:45 PM Oooooh Exciting!! This is just the beginning!!!

From: Shauna Evans (12:45 PM what mothers and their children experience through conception, life in the womb, birth and separate connectedness that is crucial to health and wellbeing


From: Jim Garrison (12:46 PM This link just cAM)e in which is so appropriate for today’s session, a plea From: a woman in the AM)azon….

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:46 PM @Eduard - agree beautiful panel

From: Diane Skidmore (12:46 PM Thank you All the panelists. Great discussion. We learn - we are being educated as you speak!! Thank you very much xxx

From: Kurt Krueger (12:47 PM Infinite Potential
David Bohm’s documentary
Implicate Order, the Bonding ONENESS of All Wholeness. This film scientifically supports the Metaphysical experiences and teaching of the Mystics of all ages. 

The Observer and the Observed. This verifies the ancient teaching, "THE WORLD IS AS YOU SEE IT!" ~ VASISTHA's last instructions to RAM)a before RAM)a went to take over his kingdom. From: the book, Vasistha’s Yoga 

We are Co-Producers of life/experiences. Everyone is In-Formation. How do we choose to decide to inter-act with the Earth, with Each Other?

See what you think/feel… Check it out

Unity is also the second of The Four Sacred Gifts, a great book by an elder, Anita Sanchez. 

Lots of Love,


If you’d like to open more to that Infinite Potential more, contact me and/or read the best selling series, Winning Ways for Living

From: Me (12:48 PM The Radical DiagrAM) should also include a legal frAM)ework. CELDEF is building that.

From: Diane Skidmore (12:48 PM Education, Economics and Empathy. EEEs are good hahaha

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:48 PM Hugo - you need your own time to show and explain your work - wonderful

From: Jen Forti (12:48 PM Wow Hugo! I’m speechless

From: Shannon McArthur (12:48 PM WOW, 7Vortex rocks!!

From: Richard Page (12:48 PM Yes, more Hugo!

From: Shannon McArthur (12:48 PM and your visioning Hugo!

From: Raquel Torrent (12:48 PM Gooooo, Hugo !!! Wooow !!!

From: Hugo Araujo (12:49 PM Thank you… From: my heart

From: Richard Page (12:49 PM “We are not alone!”

From: Raquel Torrent (12:49 PM WE ARE NOT ALONE !!!

From: Leo Jacoby (12:49 PM HOPE

From: Shannon McArthur (12:49 PM just breathe… and luxuriate within

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:49 PM Thank you everyone-huge hug to everyone on the panel ,3

From: Hugo Araujo (12:49 PM Hope.Love.Light

From: Diane Skidmore (12:49 PM "We are all together!!" Aren't we lucky!!! Thank you All xxxxx

From: Sharon Truax (12:50 PM School of Life- Boehm Urgency and calmness felt here. we have a responsibility to co-create. Yes. Thank you.

From: Jen Forti (12:50 PM You have ALL given me something to hold onto and a new sense of purpose. You are my new fAM)ily and I hope to meet you all in the real world.

From: Raquel Torrent (12:50 PM Our poor children that are learning behind a mask !!!

From: Kurt Krueger (12:50 PM PANELISTS, please feel free, even if it’s late, to attend for a time the CHAT PEOPLE gathering after the session today.

From: Hugo Araujo (12:50 PM

From: Jane (12:50 PM Outstanding input From: everyone. Huge Gratitude to you all on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

From: Hugo Araujo (12:50 PM

From: Diane Skidmore (12:51 PM Time for a new Way!! Together!! Co-creation. And LOVE xxx

From: Me (12:51 PM ..oOo..
Dear Chat PEOPLE and panelists
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting after this session closes. 
You can join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 810 4561 3451
Passcode: 919541

From: Raquel Torrent (12:51 PM Thank you Hugo

From: Marilyn HAM)ilton (12:51 PM @Jane - yes great way to celebrate C Thanksgiving :- From: Kurt Krueger (12:51 PM Muchos Gracias

From: Sharon Truax (12:51 PM Beautiful Time together. It is changing and I AM) so thankful for this time. Yes!

From: Raquel Torrent (12:51 PM YEEEESS !!!

From: Shauna Evans (12:51 PM children and the mothers central role that has been degraded and disrupted needs to be healed for the right relationship to our Earth to re-emerge

From: Cheryl Ritenbaugh (12:51 PM Panelists: Thank you all!! AM)azing gift!

From: Sharon Truax (12:52 PM Jim, Great for Life.

From: Stuart Cowan (12:52 PM Luis - I sent out a fresh invitation for our chat in 10 minutes.

From: Raquel Torrent (12:52 PM hOOOORAY !!! jIM !!!

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:52 PM @Shauna - yes

From: majalehn MountainFlower (12:52 PM cocreate SOULUTIONS

From: Diane Skidmore (12:53 PM Gosh!! Living what you are speaking about!! Thank you again!!!

From: Rachel Root (12:53 PM Thank you everyone! Thank you for your exAM)ple!!

From: Liliane Mavridara (12:53 PM Yes, learning how to collaborate is the foundation.

From: Raquel Torrent (12:53 PM Yes, thank you Ed !!!

From: Sharon Truax (12:53 PM What is Real? This seems so Real to me. The highest form of communication through the heart. Brilliance that you all are.

From: Kathryn Alexander, MA (12:53 PM I saw Attenbourgh (?) video last night - the planet Earth(?) very powerful statement about where we are and what we need to do.

From: Raquel Torrent (12:54 PM I agree Shanon… this is also REAL to me too !!!

From: Diane Skidmore (12:54 PM Gosh!! So Exciting!!! This is where the fun starts!! (as some folks say every day!! From: Crystal (12:54 PM Thank you for companioning each other and all of us on the journey . . .

From: Kurt Krueger (12:54 PM One Strange Rock with Will Smith on Netflix too.

From: Jen Forti (12:55 PM Here’s to RADICAL COLLABORATION across all continents. ✊🏻

From: Me (12:55 PM . ..oOo..
Dear Chat PEOPLE and panelists
Some of us are gathering in a Zoom meeting after this session closes. 
You can join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 810 4561 3451
Passcode: 919541


From: Paul Coleman (12:55 PM Regenerate to evolve/ regenerate to evolve

From: Sharon Truax (12:55 PM Sorry I cant join chat, must move into the market place to work.