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Humanity Rising Day 073 After Chat

  • Date: Sunday August 2, 2020 (2020-08-02)
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Chat from Chat People Zoom from HR Day ___:

  • 13:12:41 From: Kurt Krueger : Here’s a little way to PREVENT POLITICAL CORRUPTION is focused on only this. And has numerous ways to do it! 90% of the people in MANY countries would agree with either short video.

  • 13:*14:01 From: Kurt Krueger : A bold idea to replace politicians

César Hidalgo’s TedTalk has a radical suggestion for fixing our broken political system: automate it! In this provocative talk, he outlines a bold idea to bypass politicians by empowering citizens to create personalized AI representatives that participate directly in democratic decisions. Explore a new way to make collective decisions and expand your understanding of democracy.

  • 13:17:06 From: Stanley Pokras : Move to Amend is working on the constitution:
  • 13:21:20 From: Kurt Krueger : An awesomely effective PARENTING book is: Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect by Diane Tillman.
  • 13:23:00 From: Kurt Krueger : BE HERE NOW, Ram Dass’ book and title is a classic way to experience life.
  • 13:32:57 From: Stanley Pokras : Google Search: Motherhood in Spain
  • 13:36:25 From: Shannon : Hi Lane!
  • 13:37:11 From: Shannon : We’re talking about what we can do… talked about media and about Spain not using the word “madre” mother.
  • 13:38:09 From: Stanley Pokras To Bruce Schuman(privately) : Please send me your email address
  • 13:38:18 From: Bruce Schuman : Shannon -- nice to see you!
  • 13:38:44 From: Bruce Schuman To Stanley Pokras(privately) :
  • 13:39:16 From: Shannon : and you, Bruce. This is a valuable tool. Thank you Stanley
  • 13:39:26 From: Stanley Pokras To Bruce Schuman(privately) : Thank you. I run an email list for this group and will add you to it.
  • 13:40:22 From: Bruce Schuman : Yes, this is a strong vibrant group with a lot of creative energy -- thank you Stanley
  • 13:42:16 From: Stanley Pokras : Hi Lane
  • 13:42:34 From: Bruce Schuman : And Stanley -- I might make a mailing list too.....
  • 13:44:19 From: Bruce Schuman : To everybody -- I think I want to create a project about "Beloved Community" at a global scale. Please send me your email address.
  • 13:44:59 From: Stanley Pokras : @Bruce - do you have a website?
  • 13:45:15 From: Shannon :
  • 13:46:07 From: Bruce Schuman : Yes, Stanley -- there are a few. I will send you a list. Right now, my thesis is on Ubiverse:
  • 13:48:00 From: Bruce Schuman : wow
  • 13:48:49 From: MALINI Rajendran : wow. just love you unconditionally Lane.
  • 13:50:39 From: Shannon : love you Lane. Ty for listening then because now, look at you! Mother Earth exults in who you are, and so do I.
  • 13:50:40 From: Katerina Zalamova : Thank you for sharing, Lane!
  • 13:51:36 From: Shannon : Hi Diane, this is rich and fertile conversation. Wish you’d been here all along...
  • 13:51:42 From: Kurt Krueger : About Death: Home with God: In a Life that Never Ends, Neale Donald Walsch. Awesome book that came out the day my father passed on. It made sense in my head and felt right in my heart.. The author wrote the classics, Conversations with God series. :) About Abuse: Anita Sanchez writes about the first Gift, Forgiving the Unforgivable in the book, The Four Sacred Gifts..
  • 13:52:03 From: Diane Skidmore : Hi All xxx
  • 13:52:14 From: Diane Skidmore : Death eh - a goodie hahaha
  • 13:52:24 From: Katerina Zalamova : Hi, Diane! Nice to see you!
  • 13:52:35 From: Stanley Pokras : Hi, Diane
  • 13:53:01 From: Diane Skidmore : xxxxx
  • 13:53:43 From: Kurt Krueger : The TAO
  • 13:53:49 From: Stanley Pokras : Bruce & Crystal - I will be posting this chat, the Humanity Rising Chat and the recording of this conversation and will send an email with the link.
  • 13:55:21 From: Bruce Schuman : Thanks Stanley-- "let's grow some stuff"
  • 14:05:46 From: Diane Skidmore : The JOY of Helpfulness!!
  • 14:06:05 From: Bruce Schuman : "we are entering the age of helpfulness"
  • 14:06:14 From: Shannon : yes
  • 14:07:31 From: Shannon : we all sparkle - together we are the sparkle in Our Father’s eye!
  • 14:11:46 From: MALINI Rajendran : just need to find my charger.
  • 14:11:53 From: Diane Skidmore : Did the Elders make a decision to make any forward moves? Talking Circles to be zoomed maybe?
  • 14:12:42 From: Shannon : they shared their talking circles connections already in place.
  • 14:*13:00 From: MALINI Rajendran : my mother used to say you need to understand the difference between leave and license.
  • 14:*13:13 From: Diane Skidmore : Thanks xxx
  • 14:15:04 From: MALINI Rajendran : Kathryn are you familiar with Istak Bentov work.
  • 14:16:18 From: Diane Skidmore : We step forward with conscious consideration - to paradise hahaha
  • 14:16:55 From: MALINI Rajendran : Katrina, as a physicist do look at the work of some amazing Russian scientists.
  • 14:17:21 From: Bruce Schuman : SHANNON, YOU ARE GREAT
  • 14:18:50 From: Bruce Schuman : NAMASTE TO ALL
  • 14:19:27 From: Bruce Schuman : namaste is -- we are one -- in truth and love and "helpfulness"
  • 14:32:32 From: Bruce Schuman : Ok, people -- I got to go -- this has been very good....
  • 14:33:08 From: Diane Skidmore : Glad you came xx
  • 14:33:46 From: Bruce Schuman : bye bye