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Humanity Rising Day 168 (Nuclear Weapon Ban) After Chat

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00:13:56    Jean Stevens:     Does anyone know if there is a special event at the UN today?  I believe the ICAN event is at 1pm MT? Love this moment to regroup and thank everyone for this special morning.

00:15:36    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   I learned from Dr. Craig Eisendrath. Does anyone remember him?

00:16:30    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   is it true there's a movement to remove article 9 from Japanese Constitution?

00:16:34    Julie Wolf: Welcome Mary so glad you could join us

00:19:29    Julie Wolf: Jean jump on the Mic when you can

00:20:26    Jean Stevens:     My recent article for World Beyond War on following the $$ among other issues:

00:22:07    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   GREAT EXAMPLE KAT !!!

00:22:41    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   how do I spell it? so I can find it?

00:23:34    Julie Wolf: Heiwa is a Japanese word meaning peace or harmony.

00:24:28    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   thank you, Julie!

00:24:51    Mary Olson: Thanks for sharing Jean

00:26:15    Jean Stevens:     Ira HelfandΓÇÖs article for the Boston Globe:

00:26:17    Julie Wolf: Jean asks how can we support you on the front line?

00:27:55    Julie Wolf: Rebecca answers. And Mary Olsen. They both volunteer, fund themselves. Donations are well receives.

00:28:21    Stanley Pokras:

00:29:13    Rebecca Irby:

00:30:30    Mary Olson: -- your support appreciated!

00:30:45    Jean Stevens:     Taos Environmental Film Festival has been a total act of love and I hope that I can continue it in 2021 to support this cause.

00:32:36    Jean Stevens:         Director, Taos Environmental Film Festival

00:32:37    Mary Olson:   -- all welcome to be in touch!

00:32:43    Cynthia Lazaroff:

00:32:48    Rebecca Irby:     Join The Celebration! Tonight Jan 22, 7 PM EST

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00:32:59    Mary Olson: OOPS! incorrect email --

00:33:00    Cynthia Lazaroff:

00:33:06    Cynthia Lazaroff: Thank you all dear ones!

00:34:01    Julie Wolf: Thank you Cynthia and Mary and Rececca!

00:34:51    Cynthia Lazaroff:

00:38:06    Cynthia Lazaroff:

00:38:42    Karen Ball: World Beyond War divestment webinar this sunday

00:39:08    Julie Wolf: Nice Karen!

00:39:29    Julie Wolf: Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy

is a mentoring program

00:39:49    Kat Haber:  I commend to you they reveal in an inline toolthat identifies which companies/mutual fund ate funding weapons.

00:40:10    Julie Wolf: Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy (WTONL),

a global online mentoring program for women and girls!

00:40:45    Cate Roberts:     i am taking a 4 y

00:43:36    Cate Roberts:     oops week class with Joanne Dufour  207 550 1841 and a group of long  time. activists in the feild

00:43:40    Julie Wolf: Rebecca is talking about bringing together youth and indigeous elders in conversation. Seeing common ancient ways form different cultures, like Hopi and S.American peoples.

00:43:53    Julie Wolf: is very exciting

00:45:48    Daniel:     Ed You are correct. well said

00:46:09    Daniel:     thanks for brining it up Stanley

00:46:12    Marcia Raff:      IΓÇÖd like to hear Cynthia tell us her thoughts.

00:46:40    Kat Haber:  thank you! Cynthia of Rebecca, if you would like to speak at WE Rotary at 7pm MT  we would welcome you. my cell is 907 299-2363. Steve Leeper is our current president. IΓÇÖd make an effort for Ira to attend.

00:46:56    Daniel:     The Question on how to be found as a mentor is a good one

00:47:04    Cate Roberts:     i hear much about our further conversations so she isa good resourse to do this is on Don Pet,s HELP our on the connection field on Saturdays at 1:00p eastern on the connection field 333108 9333 PW555good

00:47:43    Leo Jacoby: Peace Child is a musical written in 1987 by David Woollcombe with music by David Gordon, first performed in schools and colleges in the USA. 

00:48:37    Kat Haber:  WE Rotary had 3 Russians as members. join us...we have been building relations for 7 years with global members.

00:49:13    Cate Roberts:     There are also great conversations on how we unify our efforts on the conscious conversations line 595 172 819 Tuesdays is solutionsclub and Fridays are an open 24 hour open conscious conversation with emphasis on climate healing

00:50:01    Tim:  Coming soon: 

A UNITED NATIONS FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES  The creation of the Free Nations United to Heal Our Mother Earth (aka ΓÇ£Free NationsΓÇ¥) ΓÇô sovereign treaty alliance is a direct response to the destruction of our planet and in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  Free Nations once fully realized will unify 1,000 indigenous nations into a sovereign treaty alliance representing 500 million indigenous peoples from around the world. The new global confederacy will be like the European Union or the United Nations in scope.  Free Nations as a sovereign entity itself will be independent of the UN. However, Free Nations will work with the UN from time-to-time in a similar fashion as the European Union.  The goal of Free Nations is to protect and restore Mother Earth while providing an alternative to the existing extractive economy. The extractive economy extracts both natural resources from Mother Earth,

00:50:15    Tim:  but also extracts vast amounts of human energy to support a crumbling system that only benefits 1% of the world population.   WHY THE NEED FOR A GLOBAL ALLIANCE?  ΓÇ£The world needs us right now,ΓÇ¥ said Sarayaku delegate Nina Gualinga. ΓÇ£The statistics say we are 4 percent of the population, but we are protecting more than 80 percent of the worldΓÇÖs biodiversity.ΓÇ¥  The indigenous people have very little voice and political power in international affairs because indigenous nations are not recognized as sovereign nations by the General Assembly of the UN. However, indigenous peoples are most impacted by international policies and decisions that cause climate change, the lost of land, the pollution of water, the destruction of forests and genocide.  The combined resources of 500 million indigenous peoples will provide the power necessary to revitalize Mother Earth, to combat climate change and resolve some of the greatest crisis facing our planet.

00:50:18    Julie Wolf: Karen's hand it up - I see you Karen.

00:52:23    Jean Stevens:     Thank you!  I need to leave too.  I appreciated all the speakers, chat comments and those on this zoom.  The Man Who Saved the World a must see film globally! Also, the World is My Country, a documentary film for global unity.

00:52:57    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  So nice to actually ΓÇÿseeΓÇÖ you Jean - see you again soon.

00:53:05    Julie Wolf: Thank you Jean - Good to see and hear you here.

00:54:25    Shannon McArthur: Kat, thank  you for taking us to the mountain!!

00:56:32    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   than you, Karen!

00:57:00    Tim:  Elons plan to nuke Mars, I┬┤m more onto Venus, Ladies first ;) 

00:57:56    Shannon McArthur: International WomenΓÇÖs Day is March 8!!!!

00:58:11    Julie Wolf: Creating the science of what nuclear abolition actually looks like, as far as how to make the weapons not just unusable but .. non-toxic (I think she said). Pleae fill in her wonderful words.

00:59:48    Julie Wolf: Both Rebecca and Cynthia ansering Karen's question about how dismanteling the nuclear weapons.

01:01:18    Julie Wolf: Then there is how to work with the radioactive material. Cynthia is speaking on steps to do this. (listen to the video).

01:01:42    Shannon McArthur: Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

01:03:01    Julie Wolf: Rebecca also adds, S. Africa as precedence - they have de-nuclearized completely is a good model of how to do this.

01:04:13    Shannon McArthur: RuthAnn interviewed the first black Defence Minister in S Africa back in the 90s - he was a Quaker!

01:05:35    Daniel:     I think you have to have a viable framework of mental wellness

01:06:03    Julie Wolf: You mean we dont yet Daniel?

01:06:32    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  We need the same thing for new parents - so many of our problems would disappear if we had good parenting for children.

01:06:36    Kat Haber:  which countries are not up for signing TPWN?

01:06:53    Leo Jacoby: Re. mentoring children (and their families)ΓǪ

... illustrated script of the musical Peace Child 2050 ΓÇô Creating The Future We Want ...

If you belong to a school or community theatre group, we encourage you to get a cast of young people together and produce YOUR VERSION of the musical.

As long it is an amateur production ΓÇô with none of the cast being paid  ΓÇô you qualify for a royalty-free performance. The authorsΓÇÖ purpose is to get young people, and their communities, thinking about the issues ΓÇô and we hope that you have as much fun doing that as we, and the cast and production crew in Geneva did (in 2013).

01:06:53    Kat Haber:  next to sign?

01:07:21    Daniel:     Julie, DSM 5 is a major failure

01:08:08    Kat Haber:  yes Samantha Powers! but the Raytheon  guy?

01:08:32    Stanley Pokras:   And Biden put a native American woman in charge of the Dept of the Interior!

01:09:13    Shannon McArthur: Teach instead of test!!

01:09:30    Daniel:     well said Rebecca

01:09:33    Daniel:     bravo

01:10:35    Daniel:     I would have alot to say about this, but I think Rebecca is on the trail, bravo bravo bravo

01:11:10    Daniel:     I love the ACEs, and work with it for years

01:12:09    Kathryn Alexander, MA:  Testing for skill is different than testing for emotional understanding.

01:14:04    Tim:  I do like Trump, Biden and Ayatollah Khomeini. Seems like AK doesn┬┤t like playing Golf like Donald ;)

01:14:13    Karen Ball: I think we all have been traumatized in one way or another.

01:14:41    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   sooo True Daniel!

01:16:54    Daniel:     I identify more as a citizen of the world, versus america.  Make the world safe

01:17:02    Rebecca Irby:     Such a wonderful conversation - I will have to sign off in a few min

01:17:18    Karen Ball: Me too Daniel

01:17:23    Shannon McArthur: America is Canada, Mexico & the US.

01:17:35    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   FYI according to my south african training, we are in denial if our goal is Conflict Resolution or ending conflict.  Realistically, conflict is normal and we are transformed through the struggle.

01:17:51    Daniel:     true shannon, I said it wrong,  also the south americas

01:17:57    Shannon McArthur: IΓÇÖm glad you could come Rebecca! are you colouring balloons?

01:18:27    Rebecca Irby:     Making my glass to cheers this evening!

01:18:46    Karen Ball: cool Rebecca

01:19:06    Shannon McArthur: I also like your balloons!

01:20:26    Shannon McArthur: it is a measure of them.

01:21:06    Cynthia Lazaroff:

01:22:13    Julie Wolf: ACTIONS! Thank you Cynthia!!!!

01:22:23    Cynthia Lazaroff:

01:23:59    Cynthia Lazaroff:

01:24:46    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   Cynthia,  how will this discussion change when we  reverse the misnamed Supreme Court decision, "Citizens United"?  how are the disarmament movements leveraging the ban corporate personhood coalitions?

01:25:34    Karen Ball: great question Ruth Ann

01:26:07    RuthAnn Lenapehoking:   thank you, Kat!

01:26:31    Kat Haber:

01:27:01    Kat Haber:  thank you!

01:27:03    Cynthia Lazaroff: I think renewed move to reverse Citizens United will dovetail with divestment! And we will need to move din this direction!

01:27:21    Rebecca Irby:     Email:┬á

Phone: (551) 556-7649

01:27:59    Julie Wolf: Thank you Rebecca! You are awesome!!!!

01:28:06    Rebecca Irby:     Thanks :)

01:28:26    Marcia Raff:      how very wonderful Shannon

01:28:59    Shannon McArthur: it IS SO exciting and validating and hopeful!!

01:29:11    Julie Wolf: Harriett Crosby shared near the end - stop trafficing of all kinds.

01:29:19    Marcia Raff:      IΓÇÖm so thrilled for you!

01:29:28    Cynthia Lazaroff: So deeply grateful for you all here!  So much gratitude and love!

01:29:32    Marcia Raff:      Shannon, IΓÇÖm speaking to you

01:29:51    Shannon McArthur: yes you Are, Marcia

01:29:55    Shannon McArthur: I hear you!

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