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Harvested from the ChatPeople Chat 2020_08_07

The ChatPeople Chat 2020_08_07

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  • Bruce Schuman : Bateson: "The Pattern that Connects"
  • Friederike Feuchte : Yes, and "the difference that makes a difference"
Friederike Feuchte : Gregory Bateson, too
  • Bruce Schuman : Yes -- a difference that makes a difference :)
Bruce Schuman : Friederike -- I actually met Bateson when he was living at UC Santa Cruz.... (long ago)
  • Friederike Feuchte : Beautiful, Bruce. I guess it was an interesting experience.... ? I was trained by Nora Bateson, and we have several online interactions now, including a reading saloon, mostly reading texts from G. Bateson, applying this thinking to the current time... So much to learn, still. "Perception is Action" (Nora Bateson)
  • Kathryn Alexander, MA : Bruce are you familiar with Holarchies -
Kathryn Alexander, MA : @Friederike - nice to know!!! Nora is starting to show up recently. Gregory has been one of my foundational heros.
Bruce Schuman : And the Bridge