Charmain Berry

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My journey as a therapist began back in 1995 when I sat through my first weekend counselling workshop and was awoken to my calling.  I went on to study psychology at degree level and graduated in 2001 with first class honours. Since then I have continued to train and study almost relentlessly, helping over 1000 people overcome a truly broad spectrum of emotional and psychological problems along the way.  I was accredited with the BABCP for 11 years before expanding beyond their constitutional parameters and during some of this time was also an EMDR Europe Approved Practitioner.  I am fully trained and qualified in the Internal Family Systems model and I have attended the ground breaking Comprehensive Resource Model basic and advanced training.

The fascination and drive I have to  understand how to best help others has stemmed from my own personal need for change and I use my own experiences as a means to understand therapy approaches.  I happy to admit that I am still a work in progress and continue to have regular therapy sessions and continuously strive to find deeper sense of Self and open-heartedness for the world.  

Over the past 5 years I have broadened the trail of exploration and have investigated psychology within the realms of Tantra and shamanism and also the evolving and exciting world of emerging trauma therapies as they unfold and expand into the world.  My studies have lead to an exploration of Victim Consciousness models understanding this within the context of the human experience..  These teachings have led me to incorporate connection to spiritual intelligence through radical living and on to the essential role of forgiveness through the work of Dr Michael Ryce and my recent journey with A Course in Miracles.   I am excited to be infusing this work into the essence of my practice.  I am heavily influenced by the work and teachings of Richard Schwartz,  Francine Shapiro,  Lisa Schwartz, Avanti Shivpuri, Rita Hiraz,  Gabor Mate, Kirsty Almeida, Colin Tipping, Kenneth Wapnick, David Hoffmeister, kironJ, Bessel Van der Kolk, Michael Ryce and also share here a huge gratitude for the teachings iI receive every day from each and every one of my clients.  Thank you.

Participation on Humanity Rising[edit | edit source]

Day 123 A panel discussion from The Monastery, Manchester UK