August 11, 2022 Appreciation Day

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My Call for Comments

Tomorrow is ChatPeople Thursday.

I’ve been thinking about what it would take to publish a book about Humanity Rising?

The book need not be centered on the 500+ presentations. But it could be very interesting to include essays by people who have had their lives effected by the program.

So, for tomorrow’s Thursday with the AfterChat people, perhaps you could tell a brief story about why you’ve been attracted to Humanity Rising and how it has affected your life over these two difficult years..

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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Jean Stevens

Sorry for the delay in writing.

I have been in a summer rhythm and not on-line as much due to a pilgrimage to Portugal and various distractions, except this past week or so. I have minly been preoccupied with the NPT Review at the UN and the 77th commemorations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I hope you create the book of the Covid Chronicles for Humanity Rising. For me, it has been a spiritual, environmental, political, social justice and cultural lifeline during the the pandemic.

Blessings to those associated with Humanity Rising, whom create and keep peace in the world.

Best wishes and regards always, Jean PS: My summer projects:

Director, Taos Environmental Film Festival

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Basia Alexander

Dear Stanley, I have a doctor’s appointment at the time of this zoom, so I won’t be able to attend live to tell my story. However, I can say that Humanity Rising has impacted my life deeply … and in a way you might not expect. Certainly I listen as regularly as my business will allow, and find the sessions deeply affirming.  

But, here’s my unique story:  

I attended a particular meeting probably a year and a half ago.  At the end of that session, the presenter and Jim Garrison were chatting about trees.  Jim said how much he loves trees, and has a practice of visiting a certain tree at the top of a hill near his home.

That became an opening for me to contact him directly about my partner, Dr. Jim Conroy's, and my Institute: BioBalia Institute School, Consciousness-Based Collaborative Healing Methods for the Plant Kingdom in Climate xTREEMz.  

Jim and my partner, Dr. Jim Conroy, and I had a wonderful zoom conversation.  We explained that we go to California (from New Jersey) regularly to give our healing methods to the trees in drought and trees that have been burned.  

We said that we would be making another trip to California shortly and would love to connect with Jim Garrison.  We asked to join him on his walk up the hill to his favorite tree.  Once there, we would give our consciousness-based collaborative healing methods to that tree as well as the other trees on the hilltop.  

We all picked a date for that.  At the same time, Jim Garrison invited us to give the 2021 Earth Day session on Humanity Rising.  During that Earth Day talk, we started the session with a photo of Jim Garrison and his tree on the day the three of us walked up to it.

We have since given additional Humanity Rising talks and have become friends with Jim Garrison and his wife.  

In fact, on a subsequent visit to California, Jim and his wife asked us to help a bush in their front yard that had been badly pruned by the agency that checks for fire-danger around homes.  “Dr. Jim” gave the bush a live consciousness-based collaborative healing treatment on the spot, and subsequently treated it again from photos.  Recently, Jim Garrison said that the bush has rebounded, is growing again, and looks great.  

Our most recent series of 2 talks for Humanity Rising (July 25 & 26, 2022) served to pull us forward into a higher level of being able to explain our unusual work involving partnering with Nature and the need for people to heal and protect trees, plants, and forests hurt by climate extremes of every kind.

We were inspired to take a new step in our business—a big one that has elevated our work.   We felt called by the high quality of the Humanity Rising audience to put our work into its rightful context as the CONSCIOUSNESS-BASED COLLABORATIVE HEALING METHOD that can give humanity the methods AND the hope for restoring livability to the planet.  Being able to use those descriptive words has been a breakthrough for us and for BioBalia Institute.  

Dr. Jim Conroy and I, Basia Alexander, are so grateful to Jim Garrison and Humanity Rising for giving us not only opportunities to speak but also encouragement that our leading edge work has a large audience appeal.  That encouragement has set us on the road to do additional speaking and launch additional courses in our institute’s school.  

So Humanity Rising has been an important part of our lives and a fork in the road for our Institute’s advancement.  And we look forward to more wonderful things developing!  

Thank you so much.  

Warm regards,



Ms. Basia Alexander


Dr. Jim Conroy


Co-Founders, BioBalia Institute School, Consciousness-Based Collaborative Healing Methods for the Plant Kingdom in Climate xTREEmz.  

Co-Authors of 7 books

Our Motto:  “Heal Ecological Damage.  Upgrade Human Thinking.”  

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Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz

HI Stan, I have a meeting at that time...but here's something I can share (to be refined later). Since 2000, I have worked on world peace at sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3. One of our key tenements was to focus on growing gardens in every country we traveled to for peace with our youth adventure teams. From Morocco to Mexico to Tanzania and beyond, you will find these gardens.

When COVID hit, I was asked to join a team out of Thailand called EndPandemics where I learned about the threats of what we will be facing if we don't step up our actions for mother earth. As a baby boomer who grew up in a farm community in Ohio with a Cherokee grandmother and dad, I knew my world would now evolve around creating actions and solutions for young people to engage in their climate futures.

During the next two years, I tuned into HR whenever I could, and I learned the depths of the issues at hand. I also took Al Gore's Climate Reality Training and became certified. But the single most impactful knowledge program I gained was from the Humanity Rising information focused on people, planet, circle economies and the enhanced spirituality practices I gained.

As a Telly Award Winning producer, I am now in position to work on a youth digital show to focus on youth best practices--stories meet actions meet best practices meet community engagement in over 100 countries. Many of these contacts have come from Humanity Rising as well as the wisdom and guidance to move knowledge into education and action.

I am happy to speak more....this is just a quick note to provide a little insight into the value you all have brought to our our program ...and to my life personally.


Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz Executive Director sponsorKIDS Charities 501c3 Challenge WhatsApp - iPhone: 312-560-0053 USA

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Carlos Eduardo Paz

Dear Stan and friends

I wrote Humanity Rising book in Spanish

Please have a look to make a decision

I prepare a 2nd volume with the Humanity Rising parallel to Glasgow summit calling to Global ethic and Regeneration

Warm regards

Carlos Eduardo Paz Fundacion Etica Mundial Cra 5 Nº 26 B 39 Bogota Tel 57 (1) 751 66 07 Colombia Cel 57 315 8930957
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Christa Zumpf

Dear Stan, I couldn't join you yesterday but want to share my experience.

I cannot remember how I got to know about Humanity Rising - maybe through Younity if they ever sent informatin about HR.

Humanity Rising meetings have had a strong influence on me for a number of reasons. I effectively retired from a teaching profession in September 2020 and during the lockdowns the Zoom meetings were so valuable for staying sane and in contact with the outside world and inspiring topics. In the Afterchat I enjoyed the live contacts with people from around the world who I hadn't met before, many of whom I would like to call friends - I had private weekly Zoom meetings for several hours for about a year as a consequence. You mentioned Peter Wohlleben, whose publications on the connections of mankind and nature I immersed in, and so on. Humanity Rising has made me familiar with many totally inspiring people and organisations among which I want to mention just three that I still follow and have recommended to family and friends: Treesisters Zvi Ish Shalom and his Kedumah teachings and Rick Archer with his Batgap interviews

There is much more to say..............

THANK YOU, Christa, Austria

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Judith Asphar

it was a life saver, when my life needed saving, Stan

and each day reinforced reasons for having faith in the best of humanity.

and not least your role in it all.


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