11.11 Unify Global Gatherings

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2022 Virtual Event: Co-Creating Coherence

2021 Virtual Event: Co-Creating Coherence "The Emergence of a Unified Alliance"

11.11 Unify Global Gatherings

Brought to you by Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3: Co-creating Multi-Dimensional Experiences for our Great Awakening!

On 11/11, we will gather online for our Virtual "Mother Event!

What We are Offering:

✪ Powerful Presentations

✪ Inspirational Interviews

✪ Awakened Speakers

✪ Music – Movement – Meditation

When: 11/11/2021 9a.m. PST – Midnight: Virtual "Mother" Event Content

11a.m. (YOUR time zone): 11.11 Portal Opening Video

11p.m. (YOUR time zone): 11.11 Portal Closing Video

1:11p.m. PST: The Hope 11.11 Global Meditation

5:11p.m. PST: Global Heart Coherence Experience

Where: On Our Amazing Virtual Event Platform- on Hey Summit!


Save the date: 11/11/21 & sign-up for our NEW 2021 email list to stay in the loop:


Join our Mother Virtual Event on 11/11/21

as we ‘bEARTH’ collaborative events around the globe!

11.11 Unify Global Gathering 2021 FB Event Page:


11.11 Unify commUNITY Network FB Group Page:


Anistara1111 YouTube Channel:



This is an annual Global Event.

Transdimensional Illumination Headquarters is located in Sebastopol, CA, USA!


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